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General Protection Fault presents... Mischief's Night Out
Story, art, color, and pretty much everything else by Jeffrey T. Darlington
With apologies to Boxjam, Ian McDonald, Carson Fire, and Brad Guigar

[[Space is shown with many stars, nebulae, and galaxies in the background]]

Narrator: Beyond the furthest reaches of time and space... beyond our concepts of thought and reality... There exists a place far removed from what our feeble mortal minds can comprehend. This is a realm of beings of pure energy and thought. This is the Thirteenth Dimension of the Infinite rotunda of Eternity. This is the home of... the GAMESTER...

Mischief's Night Out was originally intended to be the bonus story for a reformatted copy of our third book, And the Geek shall Inherit the Earth. This book never had a bonus story, mostly because the original book was rushed into production to coincide with the release of some other artists' books. (These books were subsequently delayed, making things somewhat... awkward.) The Year One comics originally in this book would have been moved to the reformatted Book One, leaving a ton of extra space at the end of the third book. So I created this 16-page bonus story to fill the void.

The reformat never materialized as intended, leaving this story in limbo. With GPF's schedule reduction after the birth of my son in 2006, I started trying to come up with ideas to keep the main site updating, even if it wouldn't be with the main comic. So we released this story for the first time; it had never been seen before online or in print. For the duration of its 16-week run, it updated on Fridays on the main page and here on its own sub-site. The entire story is now archived here for your enjoyment.

Content warning: This story contains a few more risque elements than your typical GPF story. Based on the MPAA ratings, I'd give it an iffy PG or maybe even a PG-13. You have been warned.

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