GPF: Michief's Night Out

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[The Gamester hesitates, looking Mischief up and down as the little entity glares at him defiantly.]
Gamester: Well...

Gamester: [Reluctantly] Okay. You can go to the Richie Maze and play Zirtball for a century or two.
Mischief: [Raising her arms in triumph, inadvertently throwing the sheet off herself and revealing her nakedness] WOOHOO!

[The Gamester and Mischief look at the floating, naked Fooker]
Gamester: Now that leaves just one piece of unfinished business...
Mischief: I'll handle this!

[Mischief looks forward, addressing Fooker, while the Gamester watches suspiciously.]
Mischief: Thank you, Fooker! I had a wonderful time, but I'm afraid our date must come to an end. I'll also have to erase your memory. Sorry! Bye-bye!

[The scene shifts to Fooker's darkened apartment. The slime molds, apparently sitting on a table or desk in another room, peer around the corner to find Fooker naked, his glasses askew, and draped over the arm of his tattered and stained couch.]
Fred: What's all that noise?
Persephone: Fooker? Are you all right?
Fooker: I'm naked with no memories and I feel like I need a cold shower. I don't know what happened, but I hope I have fun...
Narration: End

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