GPF: Michief's Night Out

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[We now see an areal view of the pair, still surrounded by multi-color spheres. Mischief continues to float in the air while Gamester gestures, taking in their surroundings.]
Gamester: You should count yourself fortunate, Mischief. This is the lull between storms. It is our place to guard and protect this sliver of the cosmos. And it is rare for nothing to be happening all at once. No spatial bridges, no temporal paradoxes... Even the Olympians have failed to rear their meddlesome heads for a change.
Gamester: You would do well to use this time to study for your inter-universal thermodynamics exam.
Mischief: Aw, boss...

Gamester: [Glaring at Mischief sternly] None of that, now. You are still an apprentice, and you will remain as such until you have passed all your exams. Only then will you take on the full powers and responsibilities of an extradimensional entity, and only then will we be finally out of each other's hair.

Gamester: [Holding up a tiny, glowing red crystal] I must take this report to the council on inter-spatial affairs. You will study for that exam.
Gamester: Don't touch anything until I return.

[[Mischief glares off into the distanced, disgruntled and with her arms folded tightly across her chest. Gamester snaps his fingers and disappears.]]

[[Mischief smirks mischievously, looking at where the Gamester disappeared.]]

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