GPF: Michief's Night Out

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[Mischief soars into the air, performing flips and barrel rolls as she flies. She smiles broadly, as if a great weight has been lifted.]
Mischief: Hah! Who needs studying! I could pass that stupid exam with my ears closed!
Mischief: I want some fun! Some excitement! I want to go where the action is! I want to do things I'm not supposed to!

Mischief: [Winking at the reader] That is, after all, how I got my name...

Mischief: [Spreading her arms and legs out wide in excitement] But what to do...
Mischief: I know! I'll see what mortal apprentices do for fun on the eve of their exams, and cash in on the excitement!
Mischief: And to narrow it down a little, I'll limit the search to my favorite planet, Earth! The question is, which one...

Mischief: [Surveys numerous universe spheres as if flipping rapidly through a notebook, glancing at each one quickly but with great scrutiny] Hmm... It doesn't seem to matter much. It seems to be a common thread across universes: Students tend to want to party right before important exams.

Mischief: [Throws her arms up in excitement] That settles it. It's time to make like a mortal and become a... PARTY CANNIBAL!

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