GPF: Michief's Night Out

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[The pair of instantly transported to a busy metropolitan street corner. In the distance, a dance club appears in the background with a sign that reads "Pickled Beats". A long line has formed in front of its entrance and a tall muscular bouncer blocks their way. "Misty" drags Fooker toward the building.]
Mischief: The first thing I want to do is go dancing!
Mischief: Ooh! This place produces loud rhythmic beats! Let's try that one first!
Fooker: Um... Her, er... It's Misty, right?

Fooker: [Looks confused] Look, I don't know how I got here or what exactly is going on, but maybe you could explain it to me first...?
Mischief: Aw... Fooky...

Mischief: [Her eyes grown enormous in size in a scary parody of anime styles. She looks at Fooker with a hurt, pouty look.] You don't want me to use my obscenely ultra-cute pouty face, do you? No mortal can resist its power...
Fooker: [Frightened] Yikes, lady! Okay, okay... But only 'cause those eyes are freaking me out...

[The pair approach the door, arm in arm. The bouncer, a large African-American man with green hair, blocks their path.]
Bouncer: No one gets in without an invitation...
Mischief: [Annoyed] Oh, hush, you Alterian three-eyed bully fish.

[Mischief snaps her fingers] <<Snap> <<Foof!>> [The bouncer is transformed into... well, an Alterian three-eyed bully fish.]

[The bouncer-turned-fish falls to the ground, off-panel.] <<Splat>>

Mischief: [Leading a frightened Fooker into the club] Whee! We're in!

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