GPF: Michief's Night Out

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[The colors on this page alternate from red to blue from panel to panel, indicating that the lights in the club flash from one color to the other in time with the music. Mischief dances energetically to the thundering beat.] Mischief: WHEEEE!
Fooker: [Sits at the bar, sweating and grabbing his stomach as if he has a stitch in his side] Huff... That's it... Gotta rest... Think I'm getting a hernia... Wheeze...

Fooker: [Turns to the Asian bartender behind him, who is in the middle of wiping a glass] Whew! Can you believe that girl? She's been at it for what seems like hours! No idea where she gets all that energy...

Fooker: [Notices that the bartender has not moved, as if frozen in time. Waves hand in front of the bartender's face.] Um... Hello? Yoohoo... Anybody home?

Mischief: [Grabs Fooker's arm and yanks him from the barstool] Silly moose! We have been at it for hours! I paused time for everyone but us and the music producing machine, so we could have some privacy!
Fooker: YOU DID WHAT?!?
Mischief: Now it is time for you to take me somewhere nice to eat! Of course, I don't have to eat, but there's this pre-civil war place on Verilux Prime IV that serves the best fried snogbeast... <<FWOOSH>>

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