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Quick Update: This kind of snuck up on me yesterday, but I'm excited to announce that we're going to UberCon! This is perhaps one of the biggest names in gaming cons, and runs February 27-29 in Secaucus, NJ. And we won't be the only ones there: Pete Abrams (Sluggy Freelance), Bill Holbrook (Kevin & Kell), and Gabe & Tycho (Penny Arcade) will be there as well. As usual, we plan to do as much as we can in the way of con reports, both before, during, and after the con, so keep watching the news and the Shows & Cons page. We'll be updating with more info as it comes available.

Greetings Faulties, both new and old! I'll dispense with my usual apologies for not updating the news for a month (I have plenty of legitimate reasons, but you don't want to hear them) and instead welcome the many visitors who may be coming to us for the first time. Today, we have a double-whammy of both being in the Keenspot Newsbox as well initiating a crossover with one of the biggest (as well as one of my personal favorite) comics on the Internet. As such, there's probably a lot of you here for the very first time. If you're a GPF newbie, we ask that you take some time to look around and check out some of the major parts of the site (like the cast pages and the FAQ), then feel free to jump right in and get your feet wet in our massive archives. Sure, there's almost 1800 comics to read there, but most new readers tell me they fly by because of the quick pace and the enjoyable characters.

Since we've got a lot to cover this update, I'll try and departmentalize it a little so it flows a bit easier:

Our Kevin & Kell Crossover: As you've already noticed, we're just starting an awesome crossover with one of the oldest, most respected, and—in my opinion—best comic strips online, "Kevin & Kell." As you might guess, the nucleus of this story goes back to the time Bill Holbrook and I spent together at Dragon*Con 2003, and we've been working on it off-and-on during the months since. You'll notice that we're doing things a little bit differently than we've done with crossovers in the past; instead of asking you to hop from site to site to read both strips each day, we're displaying both comics on each site. This is to accommodate the different archiving systems on the three (yeah, you read that correctly) different K&K sites,,, and Bill's page at As such, we ask that you make sure to visit those sites on your own to read some of the K&K back story, explore its massive archive (the strip started way back in 1995!), and perhaps even donate to the site maintainers or purchase some K&K merchandise. "Kevin & Kell" is not advertising supported like GPF, so make sure to show them your support in any way you can.

For K&K fans who are new to GPF, we suggest you check out the cast pages to learn more about the characters. The main story this current arc references is last year's "The MUTEX Rebooted", although there are smaller references to other stories, such as our massive year-long "Surreptitious Machinations". You won't get a full understanding of what's going on unless you read the entire archive, but that should give you enough of a crash course to get you started. As for Faulties who are new to K&K... well, you've got a lot of reading to do. We strongly suggest you start with the unofficial K&K FAQ here or here. The most recent events leading into the crossover start here or here, while you might also want to check out these stories: here or here, here or here, and here or here.

(And in a plug for our exclusive PREMIUM content, Keenspot PREMIUM subscribers will be able to see some of Bill's and my concept sketches for the crossover soon in our Jeff's Sketchbook feature. If you don't know what our PREMIUM content is all about, go here to learn more.)

Happy Birthday, Macintosh! It turns out that this past weekend was the twentieth anniversary of the Apple Macintosh. And while it could be argued that the Mac has gained little in the world of personal computers (as Apple's market share has rarely increased above what some would call a niche market), it's impact on the design and usability of today's computers cannot be ignored. After all, as Steve Wozniak put it, in a sense "it's real easy to see that every computer in the world [today is] a Macintosh," as even Microsoft has copied many of the Mac's design elements into Windows. I wish I had been paying more attention, as I certainly would have done some sort of anniversary comic (as I did for Linux's tenth anniversary). For now, I'll just have to hope that Sharon won't come chasing after me, waving a PowerBook menacingly. ;)

Fred Plush Doll Update: For those who may not have noticed it last month, we did announce that the Fred plush dolls are finally in production and should be shipping soon. Keenspot is shipping me the exclusive prints for those who have pre-ordered, which I will sign and hand-number before sending them back. Once those are finished, Keenspot should be shipping the dolls to you soon. Again, thanks for your patience, everyone. There are still extra dolls that haven't been claimed yet, so if you haven't pre-ordered, you can still get your hands on one. Just follow the link above to place your order.

Black Subliminal Perl Shirts Still Available: As we also mentioned last month, the Black Subliminal Perl shirts are in and available for order in the GPF Store. The shirts are of an excellent quality—far, far better than the cheesy CafePress versions we used to have—and run the gamut of sizes from M to 3XL in a regular T and S to XL in a "baby doll" style for the ladies. Just a reminder: While most of the population of the world is currently experiencing winter, it doesn't hurt to plan ahead to spring and summer. These shirts are very comfortable, fit very well, and... well, black is slimming. :)

This Year's Shows & Cons Schedule: As you might have already guessed, we're already starting to look forward to our possible convention appearances this year. Sadly, we had to miss Genericon up in Troy, NY, this month because of medical reasons (see below), but we're hoping to be optimistic about other cons coming up. Make sure to check out the Shows & Cons link above to see what's currently in our date book, and if you'd like to invite us to your con, send me an e-mail ASAP so we can start making plans.

Status of Jeff's Eyes: As reported last month, I've had quite a few problems with my eyes lately. In November I was diagnosed with ocular hypertension, which I'm happy to say is completely under control. (To you programmers out there, consider it out of emergency fix mode and now in maintenance mode. ;) For those of you who don't frequent our forum, I've since had some other issues pop-up. I have also been diagnosed with map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy, which has led some very painful recurring erosions of my cornea. On January 15th, I had an outpatient surgery that in essence had the doctor scrape the outer layers of my cornea away with a scalpel and let them grow back, hopefully in better shape than they were. Well, it's been over a week since my surgery, and I can happily say that my eyesight is definitely better that in was before the surgery. I'm also proud to say that this hasn't affected the comic much at all, since I've had enough of a buffer of comics to keep things running smoothly while I recuperated. For those who'd like more details on how things went, make sure to check out this thread on the forum.

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