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Greetings, all! You might have noticed that the news page is looking a little different now, with a few extra items on the page. Namely, comic archive style navigation buttons and something that looks like a storyline drop-down box.... Well, at the request of quite a few of you, I have created a news archive, which allows you to go back through previous news items to see things you may have missed. It works just like the good ol' tried-and-true comic archive (except don't look for the little calendars, as I don't update the news frequently enough to eat us so much HTML on them). You'll notice, however, that the archive doesn't go very far back at the moment. That's because I never made a point of saving old news items before. However, every news item now should appear here, archived for all eternity (or until Keen has a major hard drive crash). As a result, the URL for the news page has changed, and if for some bizarre reason you have a bookmark or link to the news page, please update it now to A redirector page has been set up at the old URL, but who knows how long it will be there.

Next bit of important news: I'm extremely happy to announce that many of you have reported receiving your Fred plush dolls! Hip hip hooray! However, I've been rather shocked and dismayed to learn that in many cases, the exclusive signed and numbered print is arriving damaged—bent, creased, folded, and in the worst cases, otherwise mutilated. Apparently, this was an accidental oversight on the part of Keenspot; the prints were placed in protective sleeves, but when these were put in the same package as the dolls, they received some pretty rough treatment by the postal service. The dolls, fortunately, have all been reported arriving safe and sound. Keenspot and I are still trying to evaluate what we're going to do in this situation. There's a thread on the forum devoted to the topic, and the current course of action is that Keenspot will replace the print for anyone who requests one. If you ordered a Fred doll and received a damaged print, contact Teri Crosby at and let her know who you are. Keenspot will then ship me another batch of prints, which I'll sign and ship back to them to distribute back to you. If you do not request a replacement, we'll assume you're satisfied with the condition of the print your received and you will not be issued a replacement.

On that note, I'd like to remind those of you who haven't ordered a Fred doll that they're still some left unclaimed. If you'd like to adopt your very own slime mold, just click the Fred link above to place your order.

Of course, UberCon III is rapidly approaching, and we're doing all we can do to get ready. My tentative schedule is now up, including most of the featured events and games I'm planning to participate in. (Yep, you read that correctly, games. UberCon likes to keep their guests busy, so if you've ever wanted to frag an online cartoonist in Unreal Tournament 2003 (not a hard thing to do, actually), then here's your chance.) As usual, expect that page to update frequently in the days leading up to the con, and hopefully we'll be able to post pictures and updates during the con as well. You can also swing by this thread on the forum to discuss the con or for additional updates.

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