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Howdy, gang. This update is mostly to let you know we're back from UberCon III in Secaucus, NJ. We had an absolute blast, and you can look for the pictures and con report to show up later this week (I hope). Unfortunately, as some of you may have noticed, we didn't post any updates this weekend. Sadly, I had all kinds of problems with the cable modem in the room, which we actually replaced three times before giving up. In addition to that, I couldn't use dial-up, because the application my home cable modem company gave me to use kept crashing and wouldn't release the modem, forcing me to reboot to try again. We had a choice of changing rooms or doing without Internet access, so I chose the latter, mostly out of exhaustion. I've been trying to work on the con report as I found time, but the con kept me so busy I didn't get very far. Since this week's quota of comics comes first, I'll tackle the con report as soon as they're done.

As you might also guess, being without Internet access also means I'm swamped with e-mails that have backlogged. So if you've written me recently (both before, during, and after the con), please be patient as it may take me a while before I can respond.

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