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Quick Update: And, of course, the e-mail would happen to just come in after I've already logged off and gone to bed... our publisher, Plan Nine, is having a "Scratch and Dent" Sale this week and this week only, while supplies last. This means they have a number of books that are slightly damaged but still perfectly readable that are available at greatly reduced prices. There aren't any GPF titles in the list, but I know a high number of you read other Plan Nine titles. If you're looking for a great deal, you might want to check this out.

Greetings, all. Yep, it's the second news update in as many weeks. What is this world coming to? Next thing you know, I'll start drawing full-color comics seven days a week....

Wait a minute... ;)

Anyhoo, quite a few things to touch on this week, so I'll try to be quick and cover as many as I can:

UberCon Report is Up: Well, it's not in record time, but the UberCon III Con Report is finally up. That, of course, includes the report slideshow, with all the pictures we took while there. As always, there's a good chance I probably made a mistake somewhere, so if you catch any errors, please let me know. (Politely, please, as any mistakes are honest ones. I've actually had people get pretty irate with me because I accidentally got their name wrong or something. But I'm terrible with names and faces, so pardon a senile old cartoonist if he makes a simple mistake.) We had a blast up in New Jersey, and we certainly hope to make our way up there again sometime. As always, Faulties who attended the con can discuss con afterthoughts in the official UberCon discussion thread in the forum.

And just a reminder, don't forget to check out the main Shows & Cons page to find out what other cons we are definitely or considering attending in the near future.

Fred Plush Doll Reminder: I'm happy to say we've been getting nothing but glowing praise for our Fred plush dolls. Most of the dolls shipped weeks ago, and everyone who has written me about it has been thrilled with the final product. We got quite a few comments about the sample we had at UberCon as well, so I proud to say we've been got a winner. As mentioned before, we still have plenty of dolls left, so if you haven't ordered one yet, there's ample time to claim one. Also, if you had problems with your exclusive print (quite a few of them were accidentally shipped poorly and came out bent or creased), make sure to check out this thread on the forum for details on how to get a replacement.

The Microsoft Anti-Trust Settlement: Speaking of forum threads, I started one this weekend that might be of interest to a number of you. This weekend, I got a very interesting piece of mail: a letter informing me of my rights as a member of the class action lawsuit where North Carolina (among other states) sued Microsoft in the landmark anti-trust suit. Of course, as most of you know, that suit was unfortunately settled without a proper court verdict, and now I (and millions of others, I'm sure) am eligible to be reimbursed for Microsoft's monopolistic ways. So I decided to turn this into a little game of sorts, and started a new poll thread on the forum to let you vote on how I should best use my legal desserts. Some rules apply, of course, and those are explained in the first post. But make your votes count, gang. I've only got until July to make a decision. :)

Status of Fooker: For some odd reason, I've gotten a lot of e-mail over the past few months begging me to bring back Fooker. I'm not sure why... you'd think he would have been missing from the comic for almost a year and a half and people really like him. If you've written one of those e-mails, you've probably noticed I haven't responded yet. As usually happens when I'm flooded with messages about a certain question, I add that topic to the official GPF FAQ, and this question is no exception. Fooker's ultimate fate can be found here. Of course, the bit about "obscenity-laden flames" doesn't apply to everyone... many of you have been very polite or have pleaded earnestly to have everyone's favorite ubergeek return. However, I have received some rather nasty flames on this topic, and I want to make it clear that that kind of correspondence doesn't accomplish anything. Fooker will return when—or if—the story ultimately requires him to return, and no amount of begging, pleading, cursing, swearing, or threatening is going to change that fact. All I ask is that you bear with me, as you may be in for some major surprises in the future.

And while I'm at it, I'd recommend that newbie Faulties give the FAQ a good long read. It covers a lot of frequently asked questions (fancy that), and gives a lot of interesting information that you either won't find anywhere else or it will take a lot longer to get that information through other channels. In fact, it wouldn't be a bad idea for regular readers to check the FAQ periodically, as I try to update it every few months or so. There was a major revision near the end of January which included several new questions, including the Fooker one.

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