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Howdy, gang. Sorry it's been a couple weeks since the last news update, but that's certainly better than it's been in the past. Not a whole lot to go into this week, but I do have some interesting things to mention that you might be curious about.

New Story: As you've probably noticed, this week starts a new story arc, and I'll go ahead and warn you in advance that this one's a doozy, the longest since good ol' Surreptitious Machinations, in fact. Don't worry, it's nowhere near as long as that monster, but long enough for me to still be drawing the same story in my buffer while you're seeing the beginning. This one has some major revelations and changes, so I strongly suggest that you try to keep up on it. I promise it will include some big surprises. ;)

I also want to offer some thanks and apologies in advance. My thanks go out to my sister Lisa and her friend Stephanie, who helped with some of the French translations you'll be seeing. The apologies go to all you native French speakers out there who will undoubtedly tell me how wrong thost translations are. :D Please keep in mind that none of us here are fluent in French, so if we totally butcher something (other than a time or two when we intend to butcher it), please politely point out our mistake so we can correct the strip before it goes eventually into print. We've done the best we can with the knowledge we have, so your understanding will be appreciated. This also goes for the smattering of German you'll also be seeing, which I'll admit comes largely from Babel Fish. (Fortunately, there shouldn't be enough of that to be too horribly garbled.)

GPF Store Update: I'm happy to announce that the GPF Store should be back open for business. The OS migration mentioned in the last news post was successful, and the Store server is now happily running Fedora Linux Core 1. I was also able to upgrade the storefront software to a newer version and tweak a few other things that will hopefully make the Store better overall. If you encounter any problems with the Store, please shoot me an e-mail ASAP so I can investigate it. However, I don't anticipate any problems.

GPF Books Update: As many of you have already noticed, it's been quite a while since our last book collection came out. Well, I just wanted to pop in a little note to mention that we certainly haven't forgotten them. We plan to have some really major book news in the not-to-distant future, so keep watching the news for it. Some of it you might be expecting, and some of it I promise will be a bit of a surprise.

That's about it for now, gang. Don't forget that the Fred plush dolls are still available, and that you can help me decide what to do with my Microsoft anti-trust settlement in this poll thread on the forum. While you're there, feel free to give me your thoughts on a little proposal I've made about a change to how the News Blurb on the main page works. And check out the Shows & Cons site for updates on where we're planning to be in the near future.

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