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Greetings, all. You actually get a full update this time, because I've got a good number of things to cover. So sit back and get comfy, because there there's some interesting tidbits in here I think you'll enjoy.

First of all, I've been pretty busy this past week doing a number of site updates. I've tweaked a number of pages to update them, and even completely reopened one part of the site that's been closed for over a year (if not going on two). I'm proud to announce that the Art Gallery is now open again, so if you're bored and want to take a look at some of my other non-GPF art, you can. I closed this page quite some time ago when Keenspot was in its worst bandwidth crunch and just never got around to opening it again. Enjoy!

Secondly, I've made a few updates to the Shows & Cons subsite. The main thing you'll notice is I've actually put up the Trinoc*coN and Dragon*Con pre-con reports. True, Trinoc*coN isn't until July and Dragon*Con isn't until September, but since those are the only cons we'll be able to squeeze in this summer, we thought we'd get an early start. As always, we update the pre-con reports as soon as we have new information, so if you're planning on attending either con, you might want to check these pages periodically to see what things we may have planned.

Speaking of cons, we're hoping to launch something new this summer, especially at Dragon*Con. While we're keeping it a secret for now, Keenspot PREMIUM subscribers can get a little preview information by checking the Rumor Mill. (For more info on our PREMIUM content, go here.)

Also speaking of cons, there is something we're hoping to finally have ready by Dragon*Con that we've all been waiting for. What's that, you ask? Why, our fourth book! It's been over two years since we came out with Book #3 and for me it's been an agonizing wait. However, the road blocks that kept standing in our way have finally been removed and it looks like the book will be going into production in the next month or so. For those who don't know, the fourth book will contain the entire "Surreptitious Machinations" story arc, including Sundays (which will hopefully be in full color). It will also include a bonus surprise at the end (again, which our PREMIUM subscribers can learn about in the Rumor Mill). We have another interesting bit of book news we'll announce in the not-to-distant future, but that I want to keep a secret for the moment. (But guess where PREMIUM subscribers can go to get a sneak peek?)

Moving on, I thought I'd mention this for those geeks out there who just happen to have some culinary skills. For whatever reason, it seems our forum has become an unofficial cookbook of sorts with not one, but two threads filled with recipes. I know I shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen since I have trouble simply boiling water (which is scary when you think about the fact that my original major in college was chemical engineering), but I know some of you out there might find some delicious ideas to try. There seems to be a main course thread and a desert thread, so feel free to browse or add your own recipes if you want. (Maybe we should combine them all into one big GPF Cookbook?)

Lastly... well... I'm reluctant to mention it, but since my wife already beat me to it... Tuesday (May 25th) is my birthday. And, like Nick's own recent anniversary, it just happens to be my thirtieth. I ask nothing of anyone except that I hope you enjoy the comic, which has been an amazing one-fifth of life. But if for some reason you feel the need to express me well-wishes for 946,728,000 seconds of life, my wife has started a "Birthday of DOOM!!!! thread on the forum.

That's about it for now, gang. Don't forget that the Fred plush dolls are still available, and that you can help me decide what to do with my Microsoft anti-trust settlement in this poll thread on the forum. While you're there, feel free to give me your thoughts on a little proposal I've made about a change to how the News Blurb on the main page works.

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