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Greetings, Faulties! As you've probably noticed from the countdown on the main page, Dragon*Con 2004 is tantalizingly close. Months have turned into weeks, and now weeks have turned into days. I'm really looking forward to seeing those of you who manage to make it to Atlanta, and I hope we have an absolutely great time.

If you're going to the con, I can't stress this enough: Make sure to check the pre-con report frequently for updates. I've literally been changing things almost every day, and sometimes multiple times in the same day. If you have Internet access during the con, try to check in then as well. I'm trying to keep all my con-related news there instead of here to avoid cluttering things for those who can't make it. There have been some important recent additions, such as my tentative schedule, a preview of this year's raffle artwork, and changes to our available merchandise. As usual, I'll be updating this page during the con itself, so that (or the table) will have the most current information available. Of course, I'll also be posting updates to the Dragon*Con Discussion Thread on the forum as well.

For those of you not going to the con, don't despair. As usual, we'll be updating the con report with pictures each day so you can have that "virtual con experience" if you want it. We're also introducing streaming video footage to the con report (although that won't be available until after we're back from the con). Another thing to keep in mind is that while I will have Internet access while I'm there, I won't be checking it often. That means there will be a delay in my response to e-mails and forum posts until I get back. (You guys should already know this by now, but I like to remind you anyway, just in case.)

The EBay auctions of the original strips: I'm sorry I've been keeping you guys waiting. I originally meant to start the auctions last week, then missed that Monday and decided to wait until this week. Well, then I thought that, with Dragon*Con, I ought to wait until after I get back to avoid other problems. I promise that I haven't forgotten the auctions and I plan to start them shortly after getting back from the con. I'll make sure to make an announcement here when the first auction goes live.

Of course, don't forget that the GPF sculpted figurines are still available from 'N'Toonz. These are officially licensed figures made to your custom specifications and each comes with a letter of authenticity signed by me and the artist. These sculptures have the official Jeff Seal of Approval (although I can't be held responsible if that seal smells a bit like fish). I've seen the awesome results in person, and I can't be more proud of them. These figurines make awesome gifts for your favorite Faulties.

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