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Greetings, Faulties! Yep, it looks like I'm back to my ol' average of one News post per month. I've been trying, honest. I just haven't had much News-worthy to post of late. This should, however, be the first News post to go up since the News Notification system went live, so hopefully those of you using it saw the flashing icon on the main page when you checked the site this morning. I've heard a few complaints that the icon disappeared on some people using Internet Explorer, but I think this is due to the cookie being accidentally deleted, and was quickly rectified by re-enabling the cookie. If you want to learn more about the News Notification system, click the link above under the main News title (or, if you're reading this in the archives, on the most current News post).

"Assuming Arguendo": If you hadn't guessed, we're finally getting to the trial between Fred and Trent. I know it's been a long time coming, and I'll tell you, it's been a long haul to write. I'll be working on the final week of the story while you're reading the first week, and it's been a while since we've had one long enough for me to do that.

I'll go ahead and say up front that there are several portions of this story that may get a little dry and wordy. I've tried to spice things up as much as I can, but legal dramas require a lot of "talking head" situations and don't always lend themselves to humor. (Considering this is the third story that's put the GPF crew in the courthouse, you'd think I would have learned my lesson by now.)

I'm sure a number of you legally trained (or arm-chair lawyer) Faulties out there will have plenty to nit-pick about this story (not that you don't nit-pick any less at other times ;) but I ask that you bear with me. There are several places where I've strayed a little from legal reality for the sake of creative license and interesting storytelling. For example, you may notice a conspicuous lack of cross-examination during the trial sequences. I originally wrote the script with lots of cross-examinations built in, but it became too jumbled and difficult to follow, so I streamlined it so each side presented their arguments in one segment. Some of you may also remember Fooker's "railroading" from "Surreptitious Machinations"; I caught a lot of flak for that while it ran, although most of you released as the story progressed that it was all part of Trudy's plan to get Fooker/James Baud out of her way while she went on to (attempt to) conquer the world. I assure you, there will be no "railroading" this time, and I think the nice little twist at the very end will give everyone something to speculate about. Just hang on through the dialog-heavy arguments, and I promise you'll be rewarded. ;)

Comic-Con is coming! Comic-Con is coming! That's right. At the time of this writing, Comic-Con International is barely a week and a half away. I'm doing my last minute preparations to leave, and the pre-con report is receiving almost daily updates. (This is despite the fact that the RSS feed doesn't always seem to reflect that fact—or at least it doesn't in Thunderbird—when I update it manually.) Now that the con has released the official programming schedule, I'll be working on developing my own schedule and will post it as soon as I can. (I'm also in charge of arranging the Keenspot booth schedule this year, so I can't really determine my schedule until I know everyone else's.) If you plan to go to the con and you want to know what's up with me and/or Keenspot, I strongly suggest you check out the pre-con report at least daily between now and July 14th, and if you can get Internet access while there, it wouldn't hurt to check the site each morning as well. (I'll often post updates on schedules and stuff there.) This will be my last intrusion into the general News posts for Comic-Con (this year, at least), so make sure you check the pre-con report for the latest con-related updates.

And Dragon*Con isn't that far off either: This of course doesn't mean I'm snubbing Dragon*Con. We'll be in Atlanta, GA, Labor Day weekend (September 2-5); that's now two months away. If Comic-Con is too far away or too expensive for you, Dragon*Con is a nice East Coast alternative. Start expecting more updates to that pre-con report as we get closer to those dates.

E-mail's still spotty: And I'm still way behind on my e-mail. I promise I'll try and get some responses in between the two big cons.

And Happy Birthday, USA! Last but not least, I hope all my fellow Americans enjoy this Independence Day weekend. I wish a equally enjoyable time to those of you outside the United States as well, but I just don't have as good of an excuse for saying so. ;)

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