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Hey, gang. This one's going to be a relatively quick one, as I'm up to my eyebrows in a heap of stuff. But I wanted to drop you a line on a couple of quick bits of info:

Quick Notes on the New Story: As you've already learned by now, the current story finally introduces us to Sam, Ki's old college boyfriend whom she almost married. (Don't remember him? Well, that's because we've never met him before, but he has been mentioned several times. Pay attention! ;) This is another one of those long, dramatic character-building stories, and I'm afraid it's going to be a little light in the humor department. Thus, this is one of those "bear with me" stories where I ask you to sit tight and judge it as a whole once it's complete. Those of you who have little patience for the long humor desert between updates (you know who you are) may want to check back later and read the story as a whole, where I guarantee it will flow more smoothly as a single unit. (I never recommend skipping an entire story, especially one such as this one that will probably be referenced countless times in the future. Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.) This story is also the last one of Year Seven, which leads into the next year-long mega-arc of Year Eight.

Jeff's On Vacation: That said, I'd also like to announce that I'll be on vacation this week. As usual, the buffer is full so there will be no interruption to comics. However, I will be largely incommunicado this week as all the plugs are being pulled and I try to drown my Internet withdraw with lots of mindless entertainment. So if you e-mail this week (or you've e-mailed me recently), please be patient as it will be a while before I can respond. (Those of you who are still waiting on a response after several months already can sympathize, I'm sure.)

And yes, the blog's still there: Not that I expect anyone to read it, but it's currently being updated a lot more frequently than the news.

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