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Howdy, gang! Got some more news to share, so let's get right into it:

Hard Drive Crash Update, Part Two: Apollo, my ThinkPad that crashed a few weeks ago, is back up and running at essentially the same capacity as before. I won't share all the gory details here, but you can read it all in this forum thread, mirrored and updated in part in this post in my blog. I was able to recover 90%+ of the data, and what I didn't recover wasn't really important. While it was a good bit of stress and more financial expense than I was intending to spend, I basically ended up with a 20GB upgrade on the drive, which can always be put to good use.

The Official Unofficial GPF Wiki: Unit Squared, one of our most diligent forumites and keeper of the Faultie Circuit GPF fan site, has launched the Official Unofficial GPF Wiki. While the name says it all (technically, it's unofficial), it does have the potential of being an excellent fan resource. Heck, I've thought of setting up a GPF Wiki myself for quite some time, but just never got around to actually doing it. However, just like any other Wiki, it will only be as good as the effort the community puts into creating it. So if you'd like to help, follow the Wiki link above, roll up your sleeves, and dive right in. There's a few rules listed on the Wiki's main page, as well as an ongoing discussion on the forum in this thread to help standardize entries.

Allgemeine Schutzverletzung? For those German-speaking Faulties who remember our 2004 crossover with Kevin & Kell, the official K&K German translation site has just caught up with the crossover and is including all the related GPF strips from the sequence. I believe the K&K side of the story begins here, although I'll suffix that with (a) both K&K and GPF's sides of the crossover relied heavily on previous events in both strips, and (b) I can't read German, so I'm mostly going by what I remember from the art. [Sheepish grin] (At least it matches up with this strip in the original English, so that should be about right.) So if you've always wondered what GPF would be like in German, here's your chance to find out. (And I've always wanted to know that "booger" in German is "popel." I'm not sure why, but it might be handy to know someday. ;) )

There's one other bit of really big news that I'd love to share, but I'll have to sit on that one for a while. Maybe I'll just dangle it out in front of you like a tantalizing carrot and make you wait for it.... ;) Anyhoo, don't forget that if you find yourself scratching your head over the current events in the comic itself, make sure to check out the News post from November 6th, which includes a bunch of notes and back references that should help clear up some of the confusion. Also, if you want to help out with our Oh No Robot transcriptions, look up the January 9th News post and the related Oh No Robot forum thread for tips, tricks, and rules of thumb (and possibly other digits).

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