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Hey, gang. I'm very sorry for the disturbing silence lately. I know it's been a couple months since the last News update, and unfortunately, that's mostly because I've been so ridiculously busy in real life that things on the GPF front have actually been pretty quiet. For updates on the personal stuff, I suggest you follow the blog, as it gets updated more frequently. If you don't care about what's going on with me personally, feel free to ignore it; I'll always make sure to update the News when anything happens of note with the comic. However, I will say that I may be going through some big life changes soon (besides the baby) that may potentially impact the strip. I don't expect them to (at least, not at first), but I'll make sure to let you guys know if it does. (More info will be in the blog, of course.)

That said, I do have a few quick items to mention, so let's get to it:

Update on Plan Nine: As mentioned back on February 17th, we've had some problems going on with our publisher, Plan Nine. The situation with the international affiliates has not changed; we strongly discourage any non-U.S. Faulties from using the affiliates and instead encourage you to spring for the extra postage to ship from the U.S. I'll update you guys on that situation as soon as there's something worth updating about. Check the previous post if you need a recap.

As for the state of our books, Plan Nine has assured me that they will all be back in stock by the end of May. Currently, #3 is back on their inventory and the other three should be reprinting soon. The next step is somewhat questionable, however. I'm anxious to get Book #5 out the door and into your hands (as it's essentially been waiting on their desk for a couple years now), but they are wanting to reformat and reissue the first few books in what they think will be a more economical fashion. At this point, I'm not sure which path we will tread first, but I'll try to keep you informed when I've got something tangible enough to mention. Owners of the current books should not fear, however; I plan to make any new bonus materials available online specifically for those folks, so you won't have to go out and buy a new book just get to three or four pages of new material.

Something is Rotten in "Zortic": Well, maybe not rotten, but definitely fishy. ;) For those of you who don't follow Mark Mekkes' hilarious Zortic, now might be a good time to get involved. While I always suggest folks start from the beginning, the current story might be of great interest to you Faulties. I'll say nothing more other than the fact that I knew this was coming for a long time now (at least for six or seven months), so I've been a lot more anxious that you as to the outcome. "Zortic" is one of my personal favorite strips, and I campaigned to get Mark into Keenspot back inthe day. If you like GPF's parodies and occasional bad puns, then I promise you'll love "Zortic."

Status of Oh No Robot Transcriptions: As always, I want to thank everyone who have been entering the strip transcriptions into Oh No Robot. Unfortunately, I've been very lax lately in reviewing and approving those transcriptions. As of this writing, I've got about 375 of them sitting in my queue, waiting to be approved. Sorry about that, guys. Keep typing them in; eventually, I'll clear up enough free time to go through them and get them into the active database.

GPF Store Maintenance: I'm not exactly sure when this will happen (and I'll make another post when it does), but sometime in the not too distant future I'll have to bring down the GPF Store for maintenance. Long story short: the machine is currently running Fedora Core 3, which is rapidly heading toward retirement, so I'll probably be upgrading it to Fedora Core 5 (or some other Linux distribution). This, of course, requires more of that elusive "free time" thing I keep hearing about, so I don't know when this will finally take place. Unfortunately, this also affects the blog, as it resides on the same physical machine.

Some previous notes worth repeating: Don't forget that if you find yourself scratching your head over the current events in the comic itself, make sure to check out the News post from November 6th, which includes a bunch of notes and back references that should help clear up some of the confusion. Also, if you want to help out with our Oh No Robot transcriptions, look up the January 9th News post and the related Oh No Robot forum thread for tips, tricks, and rules of thumb (and possibly other digits). Also also, additional notes for the Official Unofficial GPF Wiki can be fond in this forum thread.

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