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Time to break the deathly silence one again for another long over-due News update. Generally, if it's been forever and a day since the last update, you can assume one of two possible scenarios: (1) things are continuing with the same old status quo, or (2) I'm dead. Fortunately, the former appears to be currently in effect.

For those who don't keep up with the blog, here's the run down: GPF will continue on its current weekly update schedule at least through the beginning of February 2008. It is incredibly unrealistic for me to assume I'll be able to update any more frequently than that with the major fall/winter holidays quickly approaching (namely Thanksgiving and Christmas). Thus, I'm taking the safe route and guaranteeing that I'll stick with the minimal frequency until I'm well beyond those hurdles.

During this period, Wednesdays will continue to be Jeff's Sketchbook reruns. Starting this Friday, we will begin running the Book 2 bonus story All for Naught, a twelve-page sequel to Year Two's Secret Agent Geek and the true introduction of James Baud's villain Dr. Not. (Unfortunately, the big plot twist in the story has been spoiled over time, but that's what you get when you rerun 6+ year old material.) As with the Book 1 bonus story, this will be the first and only time this story will be displayed online for free, so you need to check the site every Friday between now and January to catch it all. Owners of the second book can visit the book subsite and browse the entire story online, but you'll need to have a copy of the book handy to get in the first time.

(Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that different printings of the first and second book do not match the questions presented in the access challenge, so it seems only people with first editions of each book are currently able to get into the online archive. We're trying to come up with a workaround that both allows access for owners of the books and secures access to the protected material, but we don't have an ETA to share yet.)

As for To Thine Own Self..., it was an extremely difficult decision, but I've decided to severely truncate the final chapter to get it over with as quickly as possible. If I were able to update more frequently, I could justify spending several weeks each expounding on the wedding reception, Trudy's internal conflicts about her return, why Patty hates weddings, and what really happened to the Gamester. But since that would put us way out into September 2008 before we saw any form of conclusion, I've decided to whittle it down to just the bare essentials. I apologize if that makes this final chapter seem rushed and choppy, but that's an unfortunately compromise that I think will ultimately be the better choice in the long run. Any unresolved threads will, like the end of Surreptitious Machinations, be pushed out to be resolved at a later date.

Oh, and since I will likely not make another News post before then, Friday (November 2nd) officially marks GPF's ninth anniversary. For those who care, feel free to celebrate in your favorite socially responsible manner. There won't be any official GPF proceedings, of course, but feel free to let me know about your unofficial ones if you want to share.

I'd also like to quickly point out that the GPF Store has officially moved to a new host. It's now on the same server as the blog, which I hope will be more accessible than the old location (which was actually behind my cable modem). If you've had trouble accessing the store in the past, please swing by and give it another try. I've updated a number of the main links, but there may be a few lingering pointers here and there to the old site. Hopefully, everything should redirect to the right place; if not, please let me know.

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