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Hello, everyone, and let me officially welcome you to the brand new GPF site! Ta da! If you're seeing this News post, then your DNS has updated properly and you're looking at our new site. Welcome aboard!

That said, I do ask that you bear with us as we work out the kinks in our new digs. I want to officially thank the many beta testers who lent a hand throughout February to help me squash our many bugs. There may be a few lingering rough spots, though, and I'd appreciate any help the rest of you can offer during this transition. The new site is actually a complicated web of interconnected subsystems, and there are bound to be the occasional hiccups. Your understanding and patience will be greatly appreciated.

Now that we've got that out of the way, here's a few important News items to announce:

GPF Premium is now available: I'd like to remind everyone that now that we're independent of Keenspot, so is GPF Premium now independent of Keenspot PREMIUM. Virtually all of our old exclusives and features that were offered under Keenspot PREMIUM are now available under GPF Premium: ad-free surfing, High-Definition archives, weekly archives, Jeff's Sketchbook, exclusive articles, discounts in the GPF Store, etc. We also have a number of brand spanking new features, such as Author's Notes in the archives. And best of all, now that all the cords have been cut with Keenspot, every penny of your subscription fee goes to GPF; no middle-men, no other fingers in the pot.

The reason that I wanted to emphasize this is that we're hoping that GPF Premium will really take off and become our primary revenue stream. Yes, we're still showing ads (which we now manage ourselves and there's nobody else dipping into that pot either), but I've never been comfortable with online advertising and especially the practices of certain advertising agencies. It's our long-term goal to completely get rid of ads on the GPF site and become completely supported by GPF Premium. Realistically, of course, I know that's not going to happen any time soon, but it's definitely something I hope to see within five years.

Right now, we have two options for purchasing a GPF Premium subscription. The quickest and simplest solution is our online account creator; if you have a PayPal account or a credit card and you're willing to use PayPal as a credit card proxy, you can literally sign up for and activate your Premium account within minutes. Of course, I know there are many of you out there who either cannot or will not use PayPal for various reasons, and I definitely didn't want to leave you out in the cold. Thus, you can purchase a Premium account via the GPF Store and pay by other means, such as check or money order. The setup process is a bit more manual; I'll wait until I receive your payment, then I'll manually process your order and send you an activation link. So the choice is yours: quick-turnaround via PayPal (or credit card via PayPal) or wait a couple days to pay via other means. Either way, your subscription dollars will go much, much farther than any other means for supporting the site.

If you want to learn more about Premium, its features, and our pricing, check out the GPF Premium hub site.

The end of To Thine Own Self... and Miscellaneous Wednesdays/Fridays: Today's update finally marks the end of our second mega-arc, To Thine Own Self.... In several ways it ended up being both shorter and longer than I intended, but we're finally done and ready to move on to new things. Thus, next Monday officially starts Year Nine of the comic, where we'll be moving on to shorter and lighter stories. Year Nine will be abbreviated, only running from March through October, so we can resume our usual schedule in November with Year Ten.

With the start of Year Nine we'll also see the return of regular comic updates, as previously announced. While I won't be able to maintain a completely daily schedule, we will be returning to three days per week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This also means the end of our Sketchbook/Miscellaneous updates on the main page. Technically, he have one more week (this week) where we could have had these updates, but with the move to the new site, I didn't see much justification in programming these extra updates for just one week. Thus, for this week only, we'll only have one main comic update on Monday and nothing else until next week. Then we'll begin the new Year and new schedule.

Today's delayed update: I'd also like to explain why today's comic was late updating. Traditionally, we have always updated at approximately midnight Eastern time (5am GMT during the winter, 4am GMT during Daily Saving Time), and that schedule will remain in effect here on the new site. This week, however, had to be an exception due to external forces. It turns out that this weekend the cabinet in which this server is housed blew a breaker, resulting in unexpected downtime. As a preventative measure, our hosting service decided to move our server to a new cabinet with a new breaker... right around midnight Eastern time. So in an effort not to conflict with the move, I moved today's update back to 3am Eastern (8am GMT), an hour after their expected completion time. Next week's update should see us return to midnight Eastern.

If I were a man who believed in luck and omens, I might be a little worried that these events took place on the weekend of the new site launch. Good thing I'm not....

That's it for this News update. Again, welcome to the new site, and here's hoping this will be the beginning of a new era for GPF!

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