GPF News Notification

One complaint I've always heard from fans is that it's too easy to miss the news link on the main page when the news updates. I've tried several things over the years to increase its visibility, but nothing seems to be working. However, I think this is it, and I hope you'll find it useful.

What GPF News Notification does is set a persistent cookie in your browser. All this cookie contains is the date of the last GPF News update that you personally visited. The next time you visit the main page, some PHP code checks this cookie verses the actual date of the latest News update. If the current update is newer than the last one you saw, a blinking icon will be displayed on the main page. Then, when you visit the News page again, the cookie will be reset to the new update date. If there hasn't been any updates since you last visited, the icon will not blink.

Of course, some people don't like cookies, and for very good reasons. Cookies, like any technology, can be used for good and for ill, and we certainly wouldn't ask anyone to use a technology they don't agree with. That's why this News Notification cookie, like all cookies set directly by us at GPF, is completely voluntary. If you don't want to use it, then don't use it. And just like every voluntary cookie we offer, we also offer a way for you to disable it. So the choice is yours.

To enable the GPF News Notification, click the Enable button below and the cookie will be set. Once enabled, this page will become a control panel where you can check the status of the cookie, it's current value, and disable it if you so desire. You can always click the link on the main News page to reopen this page.

If you don't want to use News Notification, simply leave this page and no changes will be made to your browser.

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