Last updated February 5, 2023

Starting in November 2022, we are restructuring our various RSS feeds. This is both an attempt to fix problems with the structure of the old feeds, and to make it easier for you to subscribe to just the content that you want (and nothing that you don't).

Starting February 6, 2023, we will no longer be providing an RSS feed for Jeff's Twitter posts. This is due to changes in Twitter polices concerning the use of their APIs. We are considering replacing this with a feed of Jeff's Mastodon posts instead, which should consist of much of the same content. However, it's going to take some time for Jeff to develop a suitable proxy.

Primary Feeds

The following feeds are considered our main or primary feeds and are recommended for all users. They provide you with updates on the site's core content, as well as important news pertaining to the comic.

  • The Main Comic Update Feed: This feed contains the main comic updates and only comic updates. No other garbage, including (and especially) the old "Please subscribe to GPF Premium!" nag "post". (Sorry about that.) Both of the old RSS feed URLs now redirect to this feed! If you were subscribed to either of the old feeds and want to pick up any content that is now "missing", please subscribe to the relevant feeds separately.
  • The GPF News Feed: This feed contains only GPF News updates. This one is useful for keeping up-to-date on news related to the comic, but not featured in the comic itself.

GPF Premium Feeds

The following feeds contain updates pertaining to GPF Premium exclusive content. While anyone can technically subscribe to and view these feeds, you must have a valid GPF Premium subscription to view the actual content they link to. (The links themselves will only be visible if you are logged into Premium.)

  • Jeff's Sketchbook Feed: This feed provides updates for the Jeff's Sketchbook feature, letting you know when a new Sketch has been posted.
  • Author's Notes Updates Feed: This feed provides a handy RSS version of the Author's Notes Latest Updates page. Note that some Notes may be future-dated and thus added before they become visible on the site; this feed will provide a warning in the description if this is the case.
  • The Rumor Mill Updates Feed: This feed lists updates to the Rumor Mill. Note that the Rumor Mill doesn't have a "proper" archive like other parts of the site, so the links all point to the main Rumor Mill page. That said, this page is not frequently updated, so it should be easy enough to find the updated post.

Other Feeds of (Potential) Interest

These feeds are not 100% GPF-related, but may be of interest to fans of the comic and/or Jeff himself:

  • Jeff's Blog Feed: Jeff occasionally posts long-form, non-GPF content on his old blog. If you don't want to wander over there directly, you can just pick up the feed from here.