GPF Sculptures from 'N'Toonz

Last updated April 7, 2009

Ever wanted to really bring the GPF cast home? Well, here's your chance. Introducing exclusively licensed GPF maquette sculptures from 'N'Toonz!

Nick & Ki Sharon Fooker Trudy Todd Gamester & Mischief Dwayne Dexter

In an exclusive licensing deal with the sculptor behind 'N'Toonz, we are now offering customized, made to order GPF maquettes. These polymer clay sculptures are each hand crafted according to your specifications and come with a letter of authenticity signed by me and the sculptor, Lanin Thomasma. Since each maquette is custom made, you can request any character (or group of characters) from any strip. The possibilities are endless. Even if it's a scene or situation that you've always wanted to see that's never been in the strip, you can request it. (And maybe, if you're nice enough, we might be able to arrange to have me design the initial sketch. ;)

Let me tell you, folks... I can't be more impressed with the sculptures I've already seen. The picture above features eight awesome maquettes, all of them given to me as gifts by family and friends. I've enjoyed these things so much that they prompted me to contact 'N'Toonz and strike up this deal with them to bring this offer to you. These sculptures are a great way to help support the strip while getting something incredibly creative in return. If you're looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Faultie, even if that Faultie is you, then you can't go wrong with these maquettes. They definitely have the Jeff seal of approval.

Order your GPF maquette today!

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