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Last updated May 13, 2015

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GPFConCam: That Virtual Con Experience!

One unexpected joy of this whole cartooning gig is that, well, I and GPF are becoming minor celebrities. Okay, so millions won't mourn my passing like they did Charles Shultz, thousands won't mob me like they do Illiad, and hundreds don't show up for a special high-class dinner like they do for Pete Abrams... but, by golly, there's a few of you out there who've actually expressed interest in seeing me in person. I still haven't figured out why, but who am I not to oblige you?

This subsection of the site has been established to help keep tabs on shows and conventions that I'm planning—or at least considering—attending. You can also find fun information on pervious conventions, like hilarious stories and incriminating photos, as well as find out how to potentially bribe—er, I mean, invite me to come to your shindig. This is a work in progress, so expect to find a little sawdust on the floor. Hey, you! Wipe your feet!

Upcoming Shows and Conventions

Warning! Severe case of sour grapes ahead! Proceed with caution!

I'm not going to lie to anyone... I've been out of the con scene now for pretty much a decade, and the likelihood of me making it to any cons in the near future is pretty slim. I'll never say "never", of course, but it's pretty tough to justify an expensive con trip under my current circumstances.

First, a bit of history: After the great Comic-Con/Dragon*Con double-header of 2005, I was worn out but on an all-time high when it came to conventions. They were expensive, exhausting, and never financially profitable, but they were fun, exciting, and inspiring. The absolutely two best things about my past con experiences were meeting my fellow webcartoonists and meeting with fans; anything and everything else was completely secondary and, in hindsight, largely forgettable. I had ambitious plans of trying to do at least two major cons per year and as many little cons as I could manage to find nearby that could be squeezed in. Every con has been a financial loss for me, but I was willing to take a hit on my wallet to keep up the goodwill with the fabulous people who find my work enjoyable enough to read every day.

Then 2006 happened, and my life completely changed. My son was born, I got a new day job, and my family was uprooted from one state to another. In that process, all things GPF related came to a standstill. This was when the Great Hiatus occurred, halting the comic for several months and from which it has never fully recovered. While I was eventually able to get GPF back to a regular, if abbreviated, update schedule, a lot of ancillary projects ground to a halt... including any and all convention travel.

It wasn't for a lack of trying, however. I tried to start small with maybe one or two cons here and there, or maybe one big con per year. I tried several times to apply for guest status at one of the big cons I had previously been a guest at—even reserving non-refundable hotel rooms—only to be rejected at pretty much the last minute. Other cons were just too prohibitively expensive, especially when travel and lodging were factored in. (Comic-Con, I'm looking squarely at you) I've investigated some smaller local conventions, but I apparently now live in a rather barren area for them. The few I've been able to find have been either not quite appropriate in theme (it's a far stretch to shoehorn GPF into an anime convention) or never replied to my inquiries. The more I looked, the less I found and the more discouraged I became.

So with a heavy heart and a weary soul, I have decided to remove the list of "upcoming" shows and conventions from this page, at least for now. For the past decade, it's become nothing but a list of wishful thinking, of places I'd either love to return to or have always wanted to go, but I knew deep down were all but impossible. I see no point in torturing myself by maintaining this list, or getting some fan's hopes up that maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pull it off. Perhaps when my circumstances change I might be able to be more aggressive, I'll start looking at cons to visit again, even if I can only go as an regular attendee. If this happens, I'll make sure to announce it in the News or on social media. If you run a con and would still like to consider me as a guest, I'll still happily entertain the offer. That said, I haven't received any such offers in a long time, so I'm not planning to sit anxiously by the phone, ignoring everything else.

I'm sorry if this decision disappoints anyone, and for letting this page languish for so long in an un-updated state.

Putting on a Con? Need a Guest? Get Jeff! He's Cheap!

Looking for a mildly amusing guest for your show or convention? If you are, you'd better look somewhere else. But if you want me to show up, I'll try my best not to be too boring.

If you'd like to make an invitation, please e-mail me at with as much information as possible, including what, when, where, and why. How might be a good question to answer too; if you're willing to pay expenses (travel, lodging, food, etc.), you're more likely to get my attention. At the moment, I'm not picky about airplane seats or quality hotels, but paying out-of-pocket offers a little less incentive for me to reschedule my vacation days. If you have a Web address, make sure to include it in your message as well.

Please note that my schedule is very difficult to balance at the moment, so please accept my sincerest apologies if I cannot attend your event due to scheduling. At the moment, I'm juggling a job with limited vacation time and a young son who needs constant attention, so I'm extremely busy at the moment. Any shows and cons need to be scheduled around job stuff, my wife's vacation schedule, and potential babysitting opportunities. Obviously, the earlier you can lock me in, the better my chances of being able to attend.

I'm willing and open to attend many types of shows and conventions, from technical trade shows to sci-fi, comics, gaming, and anime conventions. If at all possible, I'd also like to bring with me copies of GPF books and merchandise, and potentially original art for sale. And I'll definitely be happy to autograph books, or speak about the wonders (and evils) of online cartooning until you force me to shut up or I put everyone to sleep. (Just give me enough advance warning to appropriately prepare. :)

Show and Con Reports

Looking for reports from our past cons? Well, we've moved those to a separate page. Check out the Show and Con Reports page, which now includes a nifty virtual travel map of everywhere we've been!

The Con Shirt of Doom!

Yes, my children. The GPF Con Shirt of Doom! now has its own online shrine. See what is most likely the most comprehensive collection on autographs in the online cartooning community, conveniently in wearable form (although we'll probably never wear it). Signed both by legends of the craft and people we don't know who defaced a Web page with some scribbles, it will eventually become the Mecca of Web comics everywhere. Bask in its elegance, only here (and where ever we go for cons and shows).

All convention logos are copyrighted and/or trademarked by their respective owners and are technically displayed here without permission. We use these logos only as icons to help our readers quickly identify shows that we are potentially planning to attend. If you represent one of the conventions listed here and would prefer to have your logo removed, please contact us and we will be happy to oblige.

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