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Last updated April 12, 2017

We here at GPF have a long-standing tradition of bringing our readers some of the most comprehensive, detailed, and timely convention reports of any online comic. In an effort to keep that high standard and extend it even further, we proudly announce our newest addition to the Shows and Cons subsite: GPFConCam.

What exactly is GPFConCam?
GPFConCam is an extension of our current convention coverage that adds actual video footage from the con to our classic con reports. This video footage will be available as streaming video and will be linked from the report page for each individual con, just as the classic photo slideshows have been. The inclusion of streaming video takes our "virtual con experience" one step further, allowing con participants a fun way to relive some of their favorite memories and giving fans who could not attend an opportunity to finally experience the con in an even more realistic fashion.
What kind of video footage can we expect?
Well, it depends on what kind of footage we can get. :) We hope to get clips of general con commotion, certain webcomics-related events, and especially panels. Of course, our primary focus will be on GPF: on me (Jeff), on the fans, and other aspects of promoting the comic. But we also hope to capture footage of other interesting news, especially anything about online comics in general. What we are allowed to film may also be constrained by the rules of the convention itself.
Will the video be live during the con?
Unfortunately, no. Most cons do not have the facilities available for us to post live video footage during actual events. We also do not currently have the necessary equipment for live streaming. As always, we'll try to post still photos into the slideshow daily, but you can expect GPFConCam footage to show up about a week after the con ends (depending on current circumstances, such as day jobs, health, etc.).
In what formats will the video be available?
In the past, we offered our video in QuickTime, MPEG-4, and Windows Media formats in an effort to cover as many platforms as possible. However, this meant keeping three different copies of the exact same movie clip around, seriously bloating our disk space and probably confusing a bunch of our visitors. We have since converted all our videos to Flash Video format and have licensed the awesome JW FLV Media Player for use on this site. Flash Video is the same format used by sites like YouTube, and since Macromedia Flash is so ubiquitous, it ought to be supported just about everyone. In order to view this video, you need to have Flash 8.x or higher installed. This should easily cover all our readers who use Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. If you don't have Flash installed, you can get it here. If for some reason you cannot use Flash, let me know and I might be able to make some of the old file formats temporarily available.
Will GPFConCam be freely available?
Unfortunately, no. GPFConCam will be an exclusive feature of GPF Premium.
Why is it being restricted to GPF Premium?

There are two primary reasons. Firstly, while our basic advertising-supported structure provides enough revenue to make serving relatively small comic image files economical, it won't support large, bloated full-motion video files. Put bluntly, serving the video on the freely-available ad-supported portion of the site will put us out of business. The more constant and reliable revenue streams of GPF Premium make serving such video more financially feasible.

Secondly, we are always looking for new exclusive content to provide to our Premium subscribers. By providing GPFConCam footage as exclusive content, we increase its value and encourage more participation, which in turn helps support the comic and keep us online.

But what if I can't afford a GPF Premium subscription?

GPF Premium is more affordable than you might think. A single month subscription is only $5.00 USD, well within the average Internet user's entertainment budget. If you attended a con with GPFConCam footage (or didn't attend but want that "virtual con experience"), you can subscribe after the con, view our footage, and simply not renew your subscription once it runs out. During this time, you'll also have all the other benefits of GPF Premium: ad-free surfing, exclusive content, and even discounts in the GPF Store. If you find these benefits valuable, then you can renew the subscription. If not, then you have seen our con footage and you don't have to worry about anything else.

Of course, there are some people who realistically can't afford a single-month subscription. We certainly don't want anyone to forego eating or paying your bills on our account. Perhaps you can find a friend who has a Premium subscription, or you can save up a little bit at a time until you have enough cash to pay for one yourself. As with most content on this site, once it goes online, it stays online, so you should be able to view our footage at a later date.

OK, I've got GPF Premium. Where can I find GPFConCam footage?
Footage for a given show or con will be linked to from the con's official report page. Just click the GPFConCam logo to access the page. Note that you must have Premium enabled in your browser to access these pages. If Premium isn't enabled, the links will point to this FAQ and the page itself will display an error indicating you can't access that content.
I am an online cartoonist who participated in a panel/event that you have GPFConCam footage for. Can I use your footage on my Web site?
We would prefer to keep our GPFConCam footage as exclusive content for our Premium subscribers. In this case, we would prefer that you send your readers to our site so they can view the footage here. However, the video will be edited for content, time, and file size constraints, so there may be some additional raw footage laying around that we don't intend to use. In this case, please e-mail me and we can discuss the possibility of licensing video content for your readers to enjoy online. I might also be able to provide you with a DVD of our footage for your personal enjoyment for a nominal fee or exchange.

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