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The Con Shirt of Doom!

Last updated April 1, 2008

[The GPF Con Shirt of Doom!]

In the summer of 2001, while attending Comic-Con International 2001, we here at GPF started a new tradition: The Con Shirt of Doom! It started life as just another large gray Fred "Get Cultured" T-shirt, but in being passed back and forth between the sweaty palms of online cartoonists and emblazed forever by the immortal Rub-A-Dub laundry pen, was transformed into something new and exciting. This ever-growing shrine to online comics goes with us everywhere we go, for the enjoyment of fans (and so we can get more signatures). It bears the names of legends and soon-to-be legends, as well as a few ugly, boring people that happen to draw silly pictures for fun.

Here is the complete, current list of 46 online cartoonists and special members of the online comics community, in alphabetical order, who have signed The Con Shirt of Doom! This list will grow as we take it from place to place and meet more online cartoonists in person.

Pete Abrams (Sluggy Freelance)
Jim Alexander (Algernon's Dilemma)
John Allison (Bobbins, Scary Go Round)
Curtis Berry (Life at Bayside)
Darren Bleuel (Nukees and co-founder of Keenspot)
T Campbell (Creator and Writer of Fans!)
Maritza Campos (College Roomies from Hell!!!)
Teri Crosby (Keenspot Chief Financial Officer)
Jeffrey T. Darlington (General Protection Fault)
Greg Dean (Real Life)
Thomas K. Dye (Newshounds)
Aaron Farber (Men in Hats)
J.D. "Illiad" Frazer (User Friendly)
Brad J. Guigar (Greystone Inn, Evil Inc.)
Bill Holbrook (Kevin & Kell)
Jerry "Tycho" Holkin (Penny Arcade)
Clint Hollingsworth (The Wandering Ones)
Tatsuya Ishida (Sinfest)
Dave Kellett (Sheldon)
Scott Kellogg (21st Century Fox)
Mike "Gabe" Krahulik (Penny Arcade)
Coriey Marie Kitley (Life's So Rad)
Josh Lesnick (Wendy/Cute Wendy/Girly)
Ian McDonald (Bruno the Bandit)
Aric McKeown (?)
Matt Milligan (Lost and Found Investigations)
Kevin Pease (Absurd Notions)
Josh Phillips (Avalon)
Jamie Robertson (Clan of the Cats)
John "The Gneech" Robey (The Suburban Jungle)
Jon Rosenberg (Goats)
Mike Rosenzweig (Everything Jake)
Jeffrey J. Rowland (When I Grow Up, WIGU)
David Simpson (Ozy and Millie)
Paul Southworth (Krazy Larry)
Mark Stanley (Freefall)
Nate Stone (Keenspot Technical Officer)
Vince Suzukawa (The Class Menagerie)
Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary)
Steve Troop (The Adventures of Mayberry Melonpool)
David Willis (It's Walky!)
Christopher B. Wright (Help Desk)

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