Dragon*Con 2000 Pictures!

Well, we finally broke down and had our film developed, so now we have official GPF Dragon*Con 2000 pictures! Gawk in amazement as online cartoonists make total buffoons of themselves just for your enjoyment!

[Picture 1]

Here, several Plan Nine cartoonists gather for a group picture inside the Plan Nine booth. In the back is Thomas Dye (Newshounds), while the front consists of (left to right) Darren Bleuel (Nukees), myself, Ian McDonald (Bruno the Bandit), and Bill Holbrook (Kevin & Kell). In the very front, right in front of Ian, you can barely see a small green blob on the table; this is Fred, but I think he was asleep when the picture was taken. What this picture also reveals was Ian's blackmailing attempts. Note how he embraces Bill and I... this was just after he told us about those incriminating pictures he had taken of us Thursday night at the... um, scratch that. Also note Darren's paranoid expression. In this pic, he looks surprisingly less suspicious of everyone than usual....

[Picture 2]

Here, the infamous Pete Abrams (Sluggy Freelance) talks with fans, while Darren's hair glows bright blue in the foreground. Despite how it appears, we believe Pete was completely sober when this picture was taken, but we could always be wrong. (Rumor has it he always looks that way.) If you'll notice, many of these pictures unfortunately appear unusually dark. We think it may have been radiation given off by Darren's hair that affected our film....

[Picture 3]

Ah, yes... Our friend Wally has been up to his old tricks again. Wally was caught trying to sneak into the women's dressing rooms again, only this time these Imperial Stormtroopers didn't seem to like the joke. It seems the punishment for most crimes around Dragon*Con was immediate execution by firing squad. Fortunately, being the lackey of a VIP guest has its privileges, and we were able to get Wally off the hook. Unfortunately, we wasn't able to sneak back in the women's dressing room again. Poor Wally....

[Picture 4]

Duane Abel (Zed) and I ham it up just outside the Plan Nine booth. I think we were practicing for the "Goofiest Looking Online Cartoonist" competition. Either that, or we just wanted to act goofy. I forget which. I think I'll make up this last, pointless sentence, so I can make sure this paragraph ends with an ellipses, like the ones before it....

[Picture 5]

The Plan Nine blimp makes its grand entrance! This was probably one of David's smartest ploys to get people to the booth. While we had some problems getting it inflated (mostly because we didn't have the right hoses for the helium tank), David managed to finagle things around to get it ready. The blimp hovered over the booth most of the time, but did manage to fly around the floor a time or two, bringing scores of potential new readers with it. At one point, a stuffed Bun-Bun (complete with switchblade) made its way up there, tethered menacingly above our heads. Here's some more ellipses....

[Picture 6] [Picture 7]

Wally helps cover the tables at the end of the day, while fashionably sporting his Fred T-Shirt. Unfortunately, by the time this picture was taken, Wally had abandoned his Fooker costume and shaved off the goatee he had so carefully cultivated. (Unfortunately, Fooker was far too unknown a character to be recognized walking the floor, and Wally had a lot of problems getting "Fred" to cooperate and stay on his shoulder. This is even more unfortunate, since Wally was one of several people upon whom Fooker was based.) Nonetheless, Wally reportedly had a great time. Ladies, he's also reportedly available.... (Can you really ignore that physique?)

[Picture 8]

The infamous "Sluggy Belly Tour" is born! Pete signs a fan's tummy, using her belly button as the "dot" in "sluggy.com". (You can find out more info about the Sluggy Belly Tour on the Sluggy site.) Sadly, GPF's URL does not tend to lend itself well to belly tours (given that the beginning of the URL would have to start around the spine), so I didn't get to sign anyone's body parts. On the other hand, my wife would probably have amputated my drawing hand if I did sign someone's belly, so it's probably a good thing I didn't. And, just for closure, here's yet one last set of ellipses....

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