The Comic-Con 2001 Report Slide Show

Here they are, gang! As promised, pictures from our trip to Comic-Con! Scroll through these just like you would the strip archive. They're arranged roughly in chronological order, and give a really great impression of what the con was like (at least, from my perspective). Enjoy!

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[Keenspot Banner]

After six hours of flying and a good hour of driving lost in downtown San Diego, my wife and I eventually found our away to the Con. Finding the Keenspot booth was a snap, and we were greated by lots of friendly, eager faces. And here's some of them! The eight-foot Keenspot banner features characters from practically all the Keenspot strips. Fooker is in the lower left region, right under the "K", while Fred sits atop the "Nukees" robotic ant's head. (That funky metallic thing in the lower right corner is a camera, either Darren Bleuel's or Nate Stone's. More on that later....)

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