The Comic-Con 2002 Report Slide Show

Here they are, gang! As promised, pictures from our trip to Comic-Con! Scroll through these just like you would the strip archive. They're arranged roughly in chronological order, and give a really great impression of what the con was like (at least, from my perspective). Enjoy!

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[The Keenspot Booth]

Having just arrived, the first place we found was the Keenspot both, conveniently located right in front of the stairs leading to the upstairs panel rooms. Here you'll see (left to right) me, Darren "Gav" Bleuel (Nukees) in the front and Keenspot tech guru Nate Stone in the back, and Mr. Bleuel's lovely Finnish girlfriend. In the background you'll see a pair of Steve Troop's infamous Melonpool puppets. In front of Mr. Bleuel is the green glow of the Fred plush doll prototype.

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