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[An Hour with Jeff Darlington]

This was, by far, the part of the con I most feared... and ended up being the part I think I most enjoyed. Scheduled Saturday afternoon was "An Hour with Jeff Darlington," where attendees could "find out what makes [me] tick." Although the Online Comics panel was more technical about the comic, the site, and what it's like to do online comics, this was a great intimate little session. Instead of me sitting behind a long table with lots of people staring at me, we were all around one round table, on equal footing, talking and discussing things related and not-so-related to GPF. It was an absolute blast, and this was perhaps the most relaxed I had been that entire day. This group was very active and open to discussion.

And, yes, that's Ryoohki from Tenchi Muyo! in my lap. Gotta keep a cabbit handy at all times, especially if I need a quick get-away spaceship....

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