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Here they are, gang! As promised, pictures from our latest trip to UberCon III! Scroll through these just like you would the strip archive. They're arranged roughly in chronological order, and give a really great impression of what the con was like (at least, from my perspective). Enjoy!

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[New York City Skyline]

After narrowly escaping a freak snowstorm that hit the Carolinas and other southern states, we made the nine hour trip to New Jersey without much incident. Unfortunately, it was once we reached the New York/Jersey City metro area that things got confusing. We managed to get hopelessly lost, passing our ultimate destination several times, missing our turn over and over again. It seems like every time we turned around, we were heading to the Jersey Turnpike or the Lincoln Tunnel. Eventually, we stopped at a restaurant and asked for directions, and followed some back roads to get to the Mill Creek Mall area. Things then got even more confusing when we couldn't find the Radisson Meadowlands hotel. We stopped at another hotel to ask for more directions, only to find out that it was the hotel we were looking for. They had officially changed the name earlier in the month, but had only just changed the signs that week. Exhausted, we checked in and settled in for some much needed sleep.

As for the picture, this is a shot of the New York City skyline from our hotel window. Clearly visible is the Empire State Building on the right; the Chrysler Building is the second tallest spire in the clump of buildings on the left. I tried to take some pictures of the night sky all lit up, but undoubtedly I haven't figured out how to take good night pictures with this camera yet. So you'll have to settle for an early morning sunrise instead.

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