The Technicon 19 Report

The Technicon 19 Slide Show is now online!

Another Update: Still working on the con report gang... keep in mind, I'm in training at work for three more weeks, so I've been kept pretty busy lately. But I do have a few corrections to the slide show, pointed out by a few T-Con-ers who were present:

  • Bounty Hunter defeated Chocobo Jam in the Battle Bots competition, not the other way around. (I also couldn't remember Chocobo Jam's correct name.) Chocobo Jam was promoted on in the competition as a "proxy" for someone else who never showed up... in the words of Chris Impink (Bounty Hunter's creator/driver), he "had an extra life!"
  • On the costume pictures page and below, I incorrectly assumed the lady dressed as a "techno-furry" was a cat. According to her friend Ron Jarrel, she's actually supposed to be snow wolf, not a cat. Ron assured me he'd try to keep her from mauling me later. Sorry Ashley!

Update: Well gang, we're back from the con, and it was a total blast! I'm dog tired, so don't expect the con report for a few days. (I'm in training again at work, so writing the con report is going to take a while.) However, the slide show is ready, so feel free to browse through the pictures. They'll probably tell the tale better that I could anyway. I promise to have the con report up as soon as I can!

Sorry if this page disappeared today... I tried to update it this morning and thought the update took, but I was informed around 9PM tonight that the page was returning a 404 error. How embarrassing. And, of course, it's been a busy day, so I'm not going to have a full update anyway. However, we took a ton of pictures (around 82... digital cameras are wonderful), and here's a quick preview of them:

As usual, Plan Nine was there in full force. So many books to sign, so little time....
Mysteriously, they felt the need to recreate last year's "Hour with Jeff Darlington." Worshipping was optional.
Another return from last year was "Who's Con Is It Anyway?" which is always a blast. Guess who got to be "Pantsless Man" in the Superheroes sketch?
The box is locked, the lights are on, it's robot fighting time! A new addition this year (and probably returning next year) was a Battle Bots competition, complete with authentic remote controlled Bots. Expect extended coverage of this event in the Con Report... this was one of the most action-packed parts of the con!
As always, there were plenty of costumes in the Masquerade. There were some really interesting designs this year, including this techno-wolf.

Lots more pictures and descriptions to come, I promise! Now I need some sleep! :)

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