GPF: Surreptitious Machinations II: Ashes to Ashes

Target Media: 45-page GPF Premium exclusive mini-series, possibly a 48-page print-on-demand book

100% complete
Inking: 38% complete
Coloring: 38% complete

Estimated Release Date: Sometime in 2016

When our blockbuster year-long story arc Surreptitious Machinations ended, it raised many more questions than it answered. Who is the mysterious Doctor "O"? How did Empress Trudy originally come to power? How did the Empress escape, and where did she flee to? And, most pressingly, what will become of the heroic Todd, seemingly doomed to simply cease to exist? For months now, these questions have burned into our minds, yearning to be answered. Finally, that time has come.

We here at GPF proudly announce that development is currently underway on the next chapter of that story. General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations II: Ashes to Ashes picks up where the main story ended, following Todd on what will surely become his greatest adventure. More of a spin-off than a sequel, this action-packed, breathtaking adventure is filled with the real and the surreal, as our favorite time-tossed teen hunts down the sinister Empress and comes face to face with the most enigmatic characters in the GPF universe, the Gamester and Mischief.

Currently, this new installment is slated to debut as a GPF Premium exclusive online comic, meaning it will be available only to subscribers of GPF Premium service. Our subscription fees are very affordable, making it extremely attractive since you will also have access to all the other exclusive content available to our subscribers. We are also hoping to launch this simultaneously as a direct-to-print comic, although the specifics on this format are currently in flux. We'll announce more details as they become available.

Feel free to check this page periodically for updates on the progress of the comic's development, as well as sneak peeks at story, art, and concept sketches behind it. A special two page preview was available in the fourth GPF compilation book, Surreptitious Machinations.

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