Syndication Info

Last updated March 31, 2008

Like what you've seen so far? Think that GPF is the best thing since sliced bread? (Or, at least, since Spielberg's last movie?) And, most importantly, if you control the content of a newspaper, magazine, or periodical, do you think you can see GPF as a part of your happy family?

While we'll be estactic if you answered yes to the first couple of questions, if you said yes to the last, this page is for you. We are proud to announce that General Protection Fault is available for syndication to anyone who wishes to use it! Here's how:

Please contact Jeff Darlington at with "GPF Syndication" as your subject line. Include the nature of your request, the intended media and frequency, and your suggested payment amounts and frequency.

GPF in Print

If you would like to have GPF in print, please e-mail us with your official request. No details are currently set in stone; all items are currently negotiable. The current asking price will be between $5-$10 USD per publication (newspaper, magazine, etc.) per week. Payment options can be negotiated.

Historically, GPF consists of seven strips a week. As per tradition, Monday through Saturday are grayscale, while Sunday strips are double-sized and in full color. Usually, the strip carries an on-going continuity which usually ranges from one week to many, many weeks in length. Since many periodicals with smaller circulations do not update daily, this is often a problem. However, many of our early strips do not rely heavily on previous strips and may be easier for periodic use. If you would like to run these older strips, this can be easily negotiated. At no time will we allow anyone to print strips before they run on the Web site; concurrent updates (same daily strip in your medium as on our site) can be negotiated, but future-dated strips cannot.

Strips are available as 600dpi TIFFs 10.25 inches (26 cm) across. Dailies are usually 3.25 inches (8.25 cm) tall, while Sundays are 6.70 inches (17 cm) tall. (Resizing the strips to the necessary size for your publication is left as an exercise for the reader.) Suggested distribution is in the form of an archive (.ZIP) located in a password-protected directory here on the GPF site. An alternate self-service SFTP site may be available in the future; for security reasons, we avoid classic FTP whenever possible. E-mail attachment distribution will not be available for regularly updating contracts. Individual details, such as user names and passwords, will be negotiated at the time the contract is completed. These policies may change once we get into a rhythm for how it works.

If you wish to print a single GPF strip (or a fixed, small number of them), such as for a company newsletter or magazine, the suggested price is a single $25 USD fee per strip. Distribution will be similar to above (although e-mail attachements can also be negotiated). Special arrangements can and have been made for non-profit organizations or small, specialized organizations such as small conventions or collegiate newspapers. Please e-mail for more details.

The point to all this is, everything is negotiable right now, until some standards are set. Most of these are merely guidelines and can be negotiated. However, we reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time should several contracts be finalized and thus a precidence has been set.

GPF Electronically

Now that GPF is no longer under any obligation to Keenspot, the possibility of electronic distribution over the Internet (via the Web, e-mail, or other medium) is once again open. However, it must be explicity stated that the display of any GPF strip on any Web site or by any other electronic medium without the express written permission of its author will be considered a violation of U.S. and international copyright law and will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. Electronic redistribution requires an appropriate contract between the author and the publishing site and the appropriate method of payment. At this time, prices and distribution methods are both negotiable; please e-mail Jeff for more details.

The use of certain isolated images (such as a single non-updating strip, single panels from a strip, or character images) can be negotiated for special cases. These may include reviews of our Web site, directories of online comics, interviews of the artist, etc. The use of individual strips or any image contained on this site for the purpose of linking to our site is expressly forbidden unless you obtain express written permission from the author. Requests for such use are usually not granted, except for special cases decided upon by the author. You can, however (and we hope you will), link to our Web site from yours usingone of our pointless, tacky link icons.