Akhilesh Sehgal (Negaverse)

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The "Negaverse" version of Dr. Akhilesh Sehgal
The "Negaverse" version of Dr. Akhilesh Sehgal

Vital Statistics

First Appearance: To Thine Own Self..., Chapter One (December 18, 2005)

Full Name: Akhilesh Sehgal

Known Aliases: Unknown

Status: Alive

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 10" (177.8 cm)

Weight: 170 lb (77.111 kg)

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Characteristics: Indian, slightly balding, scraggly beard, skilled yet sadistic medical doctor

Marital Status: Single

Character Description

Little is known about the alternate universe version of Akhilesh Sehgal, other than the fact that he was also a medical doctor and that he was in the employ of Emperor Nicholas the Puissant. Like many in this "negaverse", he seemed to display traits much the opposite our universe's counterpart: ruthless, sadistic, and eager to use his knowledge for less than noble ends. It was Sehgal who learned how to drug the Great Skaboola and subjugate the Grey Aliens, and who kept Trish alive during her long sojourns into the "virtual reality" of GPF's universe. With the fall of the Empire, Sehgal's ultimate fate is unknown.

Selected Milestones


  • Unknown; it can be safely assumed that, like his "prime" counterpart, Dr. Sehgal had parents and sister, however none of their fates have been revealed

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