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First Mention: Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas (December 3, 2010)

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In Sharon's dream world of Harry Barker, Angband is the notorious, terrible prison for the incarceration of criminal hackers. Little has been revealed about the prison through the story yet, but its name is spoken with fearful reverence. Harmony Stranger once mentioned that the creator of Hollerith's virtual reality system was imprisoned in Angband after "going mad and murdering someone". This individual is later identified as "Serious" Nick, who became the first person to successfully escape from the prison. Dexter was briefly sent to Angband after a series of attacks threatened the student body and his past transgressions (although false) make him the primary suspect; he was eventually exonerated.

Angband Prison officially gets its name from the old text-based adventure game, which in turn was named after Tolkien's fictional fortress in Middle-earth. Its Harry Potter analog is Azkaban.