Antony's Pizzeria

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First Appearance: Fooker's Pizza Problems (July 5, 1999)

Antony's Pizzeria is a popular "mom and pop" Italian restaurant initially located in GPF Software's home town, although they later relocated to Athens. They specialize in pizza and are well known for their "all you can eat" special. The restaurant is a frequent haunt for GPF Software's staff.

The establishment's owner, Antony, has an antagonistic relationship with Fooker, his most notorious and infamous patron. When Dwayne took the team out for a celebratory lunch, it was revealed that Fooker had been banned from there for life. Apparently, Fooker's voracious appetite and insatiable metabolism once nearly put Antony out of business. Sure enough, Fooker managed to go for (at least) "twenty-thirds" and promptly ate all of the establishment's product. When Antony investigated, he finally recognized Fooker and banished him once again. The restaurant eventually pulled up roots and moved to the mildly distant town of Athens in hopes of starting new but, as Nick prophesied, "it will all be in vain."

Apparently at some point later, Antony's returned to GPF's home town, where it continued to be frequented by the GPF crew. (Otherwise, it doesn't seem practical for the GPF gang to visit often, given the distance.) However, during such visits, Fooker wore a disguise to avoid being recognized. (One would hope he also reined in his infamous appetite lest it give him away as well.)