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Over the years, GPF has collected a ton of bizarre, unsavory (and a few savory, especially with barbecue sauce) characters. Starting from the core cast, it has since expanded to include dozens of reoccurring minor characters who have nasty habits of popping up every once in a while, especially when least expected.

The main characters are currently: Nick, Ki, Fooker, Sharon, Dwayne, Trudy, Dexter, Fred, and Persephone. This core cast generally comprises of the employees of GPF Software and occasionally fluctuates as employees come and go.

Most character entries should include:

  • Vital statistics: First appearance, full name, aliases, current status, species(!), gender, height/weight/volume, distinguishing characteristics, marital status, etc.;
  • A detailed description of the character, including a brief summary of what's been revealed about them in the comic to date (which may contain spoilers);
  • Selected milestones or links to key stories where the character features prominently;
  • Relationships, generally focusing on family ties (biological relatives, adoptive relatives, in-laws, etc.);
  • Group affiliations (employers, secret societies, etc.);
  • Miscellaneous notes as appropriate, and;
  • A "See Also" section, which may point to other relevant articles within the Wiki of some significance to the character. These entries may or may not also be linked within the body of the article itself.

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