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If you've ever used Wikipedia, using the GPF Wiki should be self-explanatory. That's mainly because our wiki is based on the same software that powers Wikipedia, MediaWiki. The primary differences, however, are that the GPF Wiki is dedicated solely to information about General Protection Fault the comic strip, and that editing privileges are currently restricted to protect data integrity and prevent defacement.

If you're having trouble finding something in the Wiki, try looking in one of the main categories to your left. Every page should be in at least one category, and pages that may be in various subcategories should also be in the main categories as well. If you can't find something by browsing the category list, try searching for it with the Search tool. If you still can't find what you're looking for, it may just be that we haven't written an article for it yet. The GPF universe is rich and diverse, meaning there's a ton of information stored here but also tons more we haven't entered yet. If you really think there should be an article for something where there currently isn't, drop Jeff a line and he'll see about getting it into the queue. We're of course aware of the Wanted Pages list, but that's automatically generated and obviously can't cover things that aren't already mentioned.

If you are experiencing problems with the Wiki, please post a detailed synopsis of the symptoms in the Site Problem Reports Forum. This is the preferred place to post problem reports because it is publicly accessible, helps prevent duplicate reports, and provides a convenient way to update the status of problem resolution. If you'd prefer not to register for our forum just to report a problem, you can always e-mail Jeff of course and he will create a report on the forum for you so you can track its progress.

We are not currently looking for assistant moderators and editors at this time. However, we will likely be looking for volunteers in the near future to help keep the Wiki up-to-date. As the amount of data grows, it's harder for a single person or small group of people to keep on top of it. Keep watching the GPF News for potential announcements in this area.