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"Extradimensional entities" is a term used to describe a class of seemingly omnipotent, non-corporal beings that exist outside our concepts of time and space. They are "beings of pure energy and thought" to whom time as we know it is but one more dimension that can be traversed as easily as any other dimension in space. They have the ability to navigate through dimensional planes at will, observe multiple alternate realities seemingly simultaneously, and pause and rewind time itself as easily as a human might operate a DVD player or VCR.

Despite their supposedly godlike powers, most entities (if asked) would readily deny that they are in fact gods. To do so is apparently considered a crime, and entities who deliberately tamper in the affairs of mortals are labeled renegades. In fact, the overwhelming majority of extradimensional entities could care less about goings-on or even the existence of the mortal realms, preferring to remain as self-absorbed in their own existences as many mortals are in theirs.

Entities range widely in power and intelligence. The lowest of entities, while still seemingly godlike to mere mortals, are relatively unintelligent and are occasionally kept by higher entities as pets. By contrast, the most powerful of entities, such as the mighty Justice, are viewed with reverence by nearly all other entities beneath them. Many of the most powerful entities in the Cosmos are members of the Interdimensional Council, a governing body that oversees much of the administration of the Cosmos and provides governmental control over the society of the entities themselves.

The most familiar class of entities—at least to mortals—are the "guardians". These entities are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and administration of individual universes, almost like "celestial system administrators" for the Cosmos. Guardians tend to be moderately to highly powerful and serve primarily to fix spacial anomalies, cross-universe bridges, and temporal paradoxes. The job is not glamorous and is usually looked down upon by entities outside this profession, including those of lower power stations. Most guardians, however, are acutely aware of the pivotal role they play in maintaining order and approach their job with excessive care. Upon their shoulders (assuming that their assumed forms have upper limbs) rests the continued operation of the Cosmos.

Much of the life cycle of these beings is unknown. They are not known to be "born" in any fashion that we understand, and "death" to them means that they simply "cease to exist". They apparently have some concept of the passage of time, as they are known to have a concept of apprenticeship; this implies a logical progression of novice to apprentice to expert in a particular field, which in turn denotes the passage of time in study. Yet their ability to manipulate mortal time implies that they exist independent of time as it flows in the mortal realms. This discrepancy has yet to be explained and may perhaps be beyond explanation within mortal comprehension. They are also known to use temporally relative terms such as "before" or "after" when discussing temporal mechanics with mortals, but it is possible that this choice of words is due more to the incomprehension of mortals to grasp the cosmic relativity of time.

Not all entities follow the mandates of the Interdimensional Council. Just as mortals may succumb to their baser desires, so too can entities lust for power and prestige forbidden them. Some, such as the diabolical Pandemonium, seek only chaos and destruction without regard for who or what may be destroyed in the process. Most of these "evil" entities are kept in check by the power and authority of the Council, but some operate surreptitiously to subvert the cosmic status quo.

Entities tend to take names that tend to match their personalities. For example, the Gamester has an affinity for games and puzzles. Mischief often lives up to her name, although her assignment as the Gamester's apprentice is assumed to be an attempt to temper her chaotic tendencies. Pandemonium is an agent of utter chaos, seeking to unravel all sense of order in the Cosmos.

Known Extradimensional Entities

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