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The Fookinator
The Fookinator

Vital Statistics

First Appearance: Surreptitious Machinations: Chapter 1: Back From the Future (December 8, 2001)

Full Name: Not specified

Known Aliases: "Fooker"

Status: Destroyed

Species: Robotic assassin

Gender: N/A; assumed male form

Height: 6' (182.88 cm)

Weight: Uncertain; approximately 185 lb (83.91 kg)

Hair: Blond (artificial)

Distinguishing Characteristics: Metallic undercarriage, passing resemblance to Fooker, glowing red eyes

Marital Status: N/A

Character Description

Empress Trudy employed a mysterious secret weapon to stop Todd from hampering her plans, and that weapon was none other than the Fookinator. A deadly cyborg disguised as our favorite ubergeek, this terrible machine came in, guns blazing, with Todd, Nick, and Ki in its sights. After a lengthy chase, our heroic trio led the robotic assassin to the Wilkens Chocolate Factory, where it was subjected to "s'more" punishment than it could handle. Its last known whereabouts: distributed across the Eastern seaboard as pieces of crushed, mangled metal in thousands of Wilkens' S'more Snack Packs.

Selected Milestones


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Miscellaneous Notes

The final panel of the December 8, 2001 strip, fully colored, was used frequently for GPF marketing and advertising purposes during and immediately after Surreptitious Machinations. It appeared on T-shirts, mugs, magnets, and a number of other purchasable items. Jeff even used the image as a start-up screen on his personal TomTom GPS device for a number of years. (See this Sketchbook entry; requires a GPF Premium subscription.)

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