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The Official GPF Wiki is a resource for GPF fans (i.e. Faulties) to learn more about the comic beyond reading the archive itself. However, a few general disclaimers should be provided:

  • The Comics Archive is the official source of canon information about the comic. If for any reason the Wiki contradicts anything stated explicitly in the comic, the comic should always take precedence. There may be various reasons for why these two sources may become out of sync, such as: new revelations have occurred and the relevant Wiki entries have not been updated yet; Wiki entries may be based on fan speculation or misleading information (see below); or Jeff is just being lazy and hasn't updated the Wiki in a while.
  • Some entries may contain speculation among Faulties, taken from the forum or from reader e-mails. This speculation should be designated as such and should be considered potentially inaccurate until proven true or false by actual events in the comic.
  • Some entries may contain deliberately misleading information to protect future plot twists and revelations. However, this inaccurate data should be rare and should be based on breadcrumbs and clues left within the comic itself. (I.e. don't expect Fooker's entry to state that he's really an alien unless such a rumor surfaces in the comic.)
  • Humans do occasionally make mistakes and, contrary to popular belief, Jeff is actually a Homo sapien. As such, the Wiki may contain accidental errors. The flip-side is that wikis are easy to edit, so fixing such mistakes should be quick if and when they are pointed out.