Glowerhausen, Victor

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The Glowerhausens
The Glowerhausens

Vital Statistics

First Appearance: Relativity (Part Two) (February 18, 2003)

Full Name: Victor Glowerhausen

Known Aliases: None

Status: Presumably deceased

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6' (182.88 cm)

Weight: 185 lb (83.91 kg)

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Characteristics: Dresses as a stereotypical "hippie", sunglasses, goatee, long black stringy hair

Marital Status: Divorced from Esther Matusevitch

Character Description

Esther Matusevitch met Victor Glowerhausen as "hippies" during an anti-war rally in the late 1960's and the two promptly married. Esther soon inherited a small fortune and, during the process of becoming a ruthless corporate magnate, became estranged from her marijuana-addicted husband and their young daughter, Trudy. This eventually led to a bitter, lengthy divorce. Esther retained much of the pair's belongings and fortune, but was forced to pay Glowerhausen enough alimony to build him a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Trudy's father appeared to have wasted his life as a drugged-up drifter, when in reality he had been sober and working as an FBI agent for a quarter of a century. During much of this time he kept tabs on his ex-wife, and he threatened to turn in his daughter when he discovered she too had followed in her mother's footsteps. The last time we saw Mr. Glowerhausen was when Esther knocked him out cold so she and Trudy could escape an FBI raid.

As far as we know, Glowerhausen was unaware of the existence of his second daughter, Sharon Murphy, who was born and given up for adoption while Matusevitch was on an "extended business trip".

According to Esther, Victor died, although the exact circumstances surrounding his death are currently unknown. Esther informed Trudy that Colonel Lionel Barker, her "business partner", is to blame. However, the Colonel later implicated Esther when revealing his demise to Sharon. At this point, the truth may never be fully revealed.

Selected Milestones


Group Affiliations

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)