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First Appearance: Fooker's Speech (December 16, 1998)

Goodman Rubber is a rubber manufacturing and distribution company specializing in both natural and synthetic rubber products. It is significant to the comic because it is the oldest and most mentioned reoccurring client of GPF Software.

Dwayne first landed Goodman Rubber as a client because Mr. Jones, a manager at an unspecified level in the company, was a friend of Dwayne's father. The fledgling GPF built an inventory system for the company, designed by Mike and coded by him and Fooker. Mr. Jones was very happy with this system for several years, but Goodman Rubber quickly outgrew it. Dwayne talked them into giving GPF a couple of months to upgrade that system and integrate it into a new invoicing and accounting platform. This task was especially difficult because the original system was poorly designed and had no documentation, requiring a complete reverse engineering of the code to understand how it worked. Dwayne tasked Nick with designing the new system, which happened to be Nick's first real project upon being hired with the company. Nick's hard work paid off and, with additional input from Ki, the new combined system was implemented on-time and on-budget. Goodman Rubber has remained a loyal customer ever since.

Because of Fooker's hard work on an unspecified project, Mr. Jones once called him "an inspiration" and asked Dwayne to have Fooker give a lecture at a company luncheon. Dwayne feared Fooker's antics would ruin their relationship with the company, but while the lecture was indeed... different, it had quite the opposite affect. Mr. Jones asked Fooker to provide a training course for Goodman Rubber's systems department, but Dwayne emphatically dismissed the idea.

During his brief stint as GPF's director of marketing, Trent once pitched a CRM solution to Mr. Jones that Nick later proved to be impossible to implement. Dwayne eventually cleared up the situation by having Nick meet with GR's IT lead instead to discuss requirements. This IT lead was eventually revealed to be Trish, who had her own designs on Nick. Trish was eventually fired from Goodman Rubber for unrelated reasons ("misuse of company property"). When "Good Trish" appeared on the scene some time later, she mentioned having applied for a job at Goodman Rubber, only to be laughed at. It was Sharon and Ki's exposure of "Bad Trish's" old employment record and "Good Trish's" insistence that it wasn't her that made the women suspicious about Trish's odd behavior.

In October 2003, Trent announced that Goodman Rubber was renewing its contract with GPF for another five years. It would be safe to assume that it was renewed again sometime before or around October 2008.

Sharon once suggested Dexter use the storefront software GPF designed for Goodman Rubber as a template for another client, a suggestion Ki strongly disagreed with. Dexter, however, summed the situation up quite succinctly: "Why does a funeral home need an online shopping cart anyway?" That project was eventually canceled.

Trent briefly mentioned Goodman Rubber when Dwayne fired him immediately after Trent and Fred's lawsuit was decided.

Mr. Jones eventually announced to Nick and Trudy that, after twenty-five years with the company, he was finally planning to retire. His replacement has yet to be announced, which has caused a good deal of concern about GPF's relationship with Goodman Rubber. Jones has always been favorable with GPF, and it is unknown whether or not his successor will be so generous.

Known Employees of Goodman Rubber