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Groklots Vast RAID of Storage

First Appearance: Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones (August 8, 2008)

This article is a stub and will be fleshed out when more information is available.

In Sharon's dream world of Harry Barker, Groklots is the official hacker "bank", located on Bogon Alley. It is named after the familiar hacker term "grok" joined with "lots", as in "I grok this bank lots." For Harry Potter fans, it is roughly analogous to Gringotts.

The term "bank" may not be entirely accurate, as it implies the storage and transfer of currency; some hackers refer to it as the "databank", but data isn't the only thing capable of transacting either. Each customer is assigned a vault of varying size, into which he or she may place any material object they deem valuable enough to require secure storage. While some hackers may actually store physical currency in their Groklots vault, most customers store such diverse things as off-site physical backups of valuable data; hacking heirlooms such as the family slide rule, punched cards of their first mainframe program, or mint-condition Windows 1.0 install disks; and backups of their GnuPG private keys (quadruple encrypted, of course). Groklots is renowned throughout the hacking world for its multiple layers of security, and (until recently) has never had a single incident of theft or break-in.

During the events of Sharon's dream, Dexter leaves Harry for a few moments to "pick up something" from Groklots. As yet, we don't know what that item may be or if it has any significance to unfolding events. However, Harmony Stranger noted upon reading the latest Daily Proglet that Groklots was recently broken into for the first time in its history. Although the newspaper claims nothing was actually stolen, it also mentions that the targeted vault was emptied earlier the same day.

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