Hexadecimal Village

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In Sharon's dream world of Harry Barker, Hexadecimal Village is a small hamlet near Hollerith's School of Phreaking and Hacking and is the only settlement in the country inhabited solely by hackers. Students of Hollerith's in their third and later years are permitted to visit the village during scheduled outings provided the school has written (or digitally signed) parental consent. The town is popular among the students due to a number of stores that cater to young interests, as well as for a couple of pubs and taverns that serve non-alcoholic beverages to minors.

During "Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband", Don and Harmony were permitted to visit Hexadecimal, but Harry was not because he failed to get his permission form signed before running away from home. However, Harry was able to sneak out of the castle thanks to Fred and Barney, Don's twin older brothers, who took pity on him and provided him with the Hooligan's Hash as a means of finding an surreptitious exit. While in Hexadecimal, Harry caught up with his friends, only to spy Patty McDongle talking to Coreleak Fud, the Minister of Hacking. Harry used his cloaking device to follow McDongle and Fud to a nearby inn, where he overheard their discussion about "Serious" Nick. This was where Harry learned how Nick supposedly murdered Petey Petagrue and betrayed his parents, as well as the fact that Nick was his godfather.

Hexadecimal is the analog of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter. It is named after the base 16 numbering system commonly used in computing as a shorthand for raw binary values.