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In Sharon's dream world of Harry Barker, a hacker's greatest tool is his input device. Much like the magical wands of Harry Potter, each input device is custom tailored to its user and his or her unique talents. Common input devices include keyboards, mice, trackballs, and light pens, although more exotic choices may include wired or wireless gloves, haptic displays, joysticks, microphones, game system controllers, graphics tablets, and even laser barcode readers. An input device is both a tool and a weapon, allowing a properly trained hacker to ply his or her trade or defend against enemy attacks.

Olivetti's on Bogon Alley is the world's premiere retailer of hacker-customized input devices, and the nearly exclusive supplier of the tools to incoming students at Hollerith's School of Phreaking and Hacking.

Known Hackers and Their Input Devices

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