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In the world of GPF, JCN is a major technology corporation specializing in computers and telecommunications. It is world famous for its efforts in research and development and one of the world's largest patent holders. A position at JCN often carries a great deal of prestige and is sought after by many I/T workers throughout the world. JCN is well-known for taking good care of its extensive workforce, with many fringe benefits not documented outside the company.

Nick was hired by JCN shortly after the destruction of GPF Software's original building and during Fooker's murder trial. Nick quickly discovered that Trudy was also working at JCN in their marketing department. We later learn that Trudy's future self informed her in advance of this turn of events in order that she could isolate Nick and exploit his budding Inventor's Gene. Nick would eventually be assigned to Project Velociraptor, which he would transform into the free-energy device it eventually became. Trudy and her cohorts of C.R.U.D.E. used Velociraptor in their bid to take over the world during the Battle of Manhattan. Eventually, once the battle was over and C.R.U.D.E. defeated, Nick quit at JCN to return to GPF Software.

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