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Lori Wellington

First Mention: Season's Meetings (December 8, 2003)

First Appearance(?): Assuming Arguendo (August 11, 2005)

One of GPF's annoying little mysteries is Nick's sister, Lori. We first learn of her existence when Ki meets Nick's parents and his mother announces his sister was snowed in out of state and couldn't arrive in time for Christmas. Since then, she has been mentioned numerous times, but almost always because of her conspicuous absence: her measurements for her bridesmaid dress had to be sent via e-mail; her car was stolen (by Trish), preventing her from making it to Nick and Ki's (first) wedding; etc.

To date, we have yet to see her face. We eventually see the back of her head, proving that she apparently shares her brother's black hair, apparently pulled back into a low ponytail. When she eventually arrives in time for Nick and Ki's (second) wedding reception bearing cookies, we still don't see her face. Sharon later comments that her height gave her an advantage in catching Ki's bouquet, indicating she may be tall for a woman. Regardless of these little tidbits, she still remains largely a mystery, to us if not to the rest of the GPF crew.