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Welcome to the Official GPF Wiki! Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know (or, more likely, didn't want to know) about your favorite GPF characters, locations, objects, covert organizations, and more. Simply choose one of the categories below to start browsing:

  • Characters: A (relatively) complete who's who in the GPF universe (and perhaps beyond). From the core cast to that one-off character in the background of panel three of last Monday's strip, this is where to read up on everyone notable enough to have an entry.
  • Places: Locations within the GPF universe (and perhaps beyond). These are largely fictional locations featured or mentioned in the comic; real locations are generally assumed to be familiar enough to readers that they don't require an entry unless the fictional version is significantly different from the real version.
  • Things: (Mostly) physical objects within the GPF universe (and perhaps beyond). From Pandora to the MUTEX and Velociraptor, here's where to read up on those weird things you may here mentioned here and there.
  • Events: Important events that occur somewhere within the continuity of the comic. These events may or may not be actually depicted in the comic; some things that occur nebulously in the distant past or future may also be mentioned. As with Places, real world events will likely not have an entry unless required.
  • Organizations: Formal (and sometimes informal) groupings of characters worthy of note. Read up here on the U.G.A., C.R.U.D.E., the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, and a myriad of other mysterious cabals.
  • Miscellaneous: Anything that won't fit into any of the other categories. Yes, that's incredibly broad, but it works.

Please note that since this Wiki contains information encompassing over twenty years of the comic's history, it may contain spoilers which will be unmarked. The information contained herein is to be considered "current" as of the most recent updates and may refer to the events of previous comics in a historical context. New readers should be advised to approach the Wiki with caution until you've caught up-to-date on the latest story arc.

Also note that this Wiki is currently not open for public editing, primarily to protect against spam and defacement. Volunteers willing to help populate the Wiki can apply to help by e-mailing Jeff, although be forewarned that we plan to keep the number of users to a minimum.

Additional links of interest:

  • Wikipedia article on GPF. See what the rest of the world thinks of the comic. (Note: As with any Wikipedia article, it can and has been edited by just about anyone and any information contained therein should be considered unofficial and non-canon. For that matter, the article is in terrible need of updating, so if you think you have some worthwhile edits to contribute, please do.)

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