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First Appearance: The Inventor's Gene (August 31, 2001)

The Meta-Science Gene is a feature of the human genome. We know very little about it, except that was mentioned by Professor Otto Wisebottom during his explanation of the Inventor's Gene to Nick Wellington and Ki Oshiro, and that it shares the same chromosome with the Inventor's Gene. Supposedly Nick inherited this gene from his mother, and to date its only known significance is its affect on the Inventor's Gene when the two are combined in a single individual. According to Wisebottom, anyone who possesses both genes has "the potential of becoming the greatest crackpot inventor of all time". It is highly likely that this double helping of genetic genius is behind Nick's various incredible inventions such as Velociraptor and the MUTEX. Beyond this, we have no explanation or evidence of its affect on human genetics, invention, and history.

Characters Known to Possess the Meta-Science Gene

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